Self Drive Disappointments

5 Disappointments to Expect in a Self Drive Safari

Satisfaction is always a result of expectations met or expectations that have been exceeded. This implies that anyone who sets out to do anything has expectations and whenever these expectations are not met, disappointments are inevitable.

Self-drive safaris are not an exception. After reading a number of successful self-drive safari reviews, you get ideas of what to expect in terms of services. This also helps you to create a picture of what a self-drive service provider should look like.

With all these stocked expectations, sometimes you are simply setting yourself up for an absolute disappointment. With a clear idea of what might go wrong or disappoint you in a well-planned trip, it can prepare you for what to expect in terms of disappointment and how to go about these disappointments.

These challenges include but not limited to the following;

Late Car Delivery

There are always three things to expect in this area; car delivery on time, car delivery before time and car delivery after hours of the agreed time.

Car hire industry generally runs on the approval of the mechanics, they are likely the reason why you might have a faulty car, or a delay in car deliver due to unforeseen mechanical issues that might arise at the car delivery moment.

Delays are usually caused by traffic, mechanical issues or miscommunication regarding time. You are likely to have a delay of 30 minutes to 2 hours on a bad day though this is often uncommon outside the peak month of August.

Clients often ask for discounts in case of late car delivery however if you do not request for it, be assured; you will never get it.

Wrong Accommodation Rating

Accommodation is a basic necessity in a self-drive safari; even though you might get a good car hire company, the poor accommodation might mess up your trip.

Most of the hotels, lodges, and motels are rated according to how expensively they charge not according to the quality of services they offer. Therefore get ready to be disappointed when you are charged for poor services expensively.

This is very common in Uganda because accommodation is rated according to price, not quality.

Closed / Non existing Roads

Maps are the best companions for anyone on a self-drive safari. But it is not common to have maps updated in some places because they do not receive regular visitors who are concerned about updating maps. In such instances, you might hit a dead-end which will affect your itinerary.

Any disruptions in the itinerary will affect your safari plans. You might fail to get to some of your expected destinations.

For instance, of recent Namirembe road has been upgraded for pedestrians. In this instance, though there are no changes on Google maps, you might drive only to find that this road was closed for cars.

Getting Lost

It is very hard to finish a self-drive trip without getting lost. You might regret finding out later that you took a longer route than that what you would have taken. You should not beat yourself up in case this happens rather leave allowances in your itinerary in case this happens.

Delivering a different car

One of the waste experiences you are likely to ever encounter in self-drive safaris is receiving a car less than the specifications or configuration you agreed upon. It is usually at this time to adjust your expectations because in most cases, there is nothing you can ever do about it apart from negotiating for a discount.

On other occasions, you might receive a better car than the one you agreed upon but this also means more fuel consumption. Though this is not common when it happens; it is likely to be a blessing instead of a disappointment.