4×4 Car Rental in Kisoro Town, Car Hire Uganda, Kisoro Tourism

Kisoro Town is one of our most popular car rental locations in Uganda partly because of its proximity to Mgahinga gorilla national park. We can deliver your rental vehicle at any point around the Kisoro area.

Kisoro Car Rental Rates

5 Door Rav4 From US$45/Day

Game Safari in Kidepo Valley National parkAre you planning a budget self-drive gorilla safari in Mgahinga gorilla national park? 4x4Kisoro has got you covered with well serviced first-generation Rav4s. The car is mostly recommended for 3pax and 2pax in case of a self-drive camping safari. It has also been a great companion for lone travelers Ask Quote

V8 With Double Rooftop Tent

Mountain Gorilla Safari in UgandaCamping safaris offer some of the best self-drive Adventures in Uganda. The Land Cruiser V8 with a double rooftop tent is often recommended for 4pax safaris. It offers enough space for your luggage. Make your reservation to have it delivered to you anywhere in Kisoro. Ask Quote

Land Cruiser V8 From US$90/Day

Rhino Tracking - Big 5 Safari in UgandaThe Land Cruiser V8 is very special and comfortable. It can overcome all the tough terrains of Kisoro town. The car is recommended for family self-drive hires. Contact us today to have the car delivered to you anywhere in Kisoro town. Ask Quote

Prado Pop-up Roof From US$70/Day

Land Cruiser Prado with Safari RoofThe best of Uganda game drives often require a pop-up roof for the best wildlife views. A Land cruiser with a pop-up roof is recommended for 3pax self-drive Kisoro hires. It is also recommended for 2 pax and lone travelers attempting tough terrains. Ask Quote

Prado with Rooftop tent From US$90

African Elephant on Uganda Tour
The Land cruiser TX/TZ with a rooftop tent is also available for hire from anywhere in Kisoro town. To save your time, you can make your reservation before arrival to have the car delivered to you upon arrival at your lodge in Kisoro town. Rooftop tents will also help you save big on accommodation. Ask Quote

Rav4 2pax camping From US$55

Budget Camping Safari
A Rav4 with ground camping is highly recommended for 2pax considering relatively rough terrains. It is not available for Kidepo national park safaris and Tanzanian safaris but available for all other locations including Kisoro town. Ask Quote


Kisoro is located in southwestern Uganda, characterized by majestic hills, deep valleys, and winding roads, offering stunning scenery. From here, one can easily access Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for mountain gorilla trekking especially Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors.

Kisoro town is also near to Mgahinga National Park, another home to endangered mountain gorillas and the rare golden monkeys. Other tourist attractions around the Kisoro region include the snake caves, the Batwa people (pygmies), mount Gahinga hiking, Bird watching, community tours to local schools, churches, villages, and fields where tourists can actively participate in daily activities such as harvesting, milking cows, digging, grinding millet and many more.

From Kisoro, one can enter Rwanda through the Cyanika border for more gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. This is less than 2 hours drive.