4×4 Overland Safari

4×4 Overland Self-Drive Safari, From Cairo, Kigali, Kampala, Nairobi, or Arusha to Cape Town

4×4 Uganda offers overland self-drive safaris throughout Africa continent. Driving your own adventure through Africa is now cheaper, easier and very convenient in one of our 4×4 overland jeeps with camping equipment.

The most popular routes are; from Cairo to Cape Town, Cairo to Nairobi, Kampala to Cape Town, Nairobi or Arusha to Cape Town and Kigali to Cape Town in South Africa. The choice is yours to choose which places to visit in the entire safari depending on you budget, time and Interests.

4×4 Self-drive Overland Jeep with Camping Equipment

You always wanted to experience a safari through African Continent, but do not like classic group tours? Driving your own adventure with a 4×4 Land cruiser has too many imponderables for you? Are you worried about the streets or your safety in foreign countries of Africa? You want to experience the true African wilderness, but do not want to give up service and comfort? Discover Africa with 4×4 Uganda Ltd and traverse and experience the Sahara desert, Kalahari, tropical forests of Central and East Africa, the Chobe National Park and African destinations in your own 4×4 vehicle with Camping equipment for lifetime adventure experience.

4×4 Nissan Safari – Across Africa

Our cars are mechanically excellent, very comfortable on asphalt and unpaved roads. They are equipped with a mini refrigerators, shovel, tow-rope and other useful equipment and optional rooftop tent. You can choose between a mix of luxurious, comfortable lodges and individual tent camps.