Mabira Forest

Exploring Mabira Forest on Uganda Safari

Located in proximity to Kampala capital city along Jinja highway, Mabira rain-forest features among the few tropical rain forests that are still left in African continent. It is undeniably one of Uganda’s major tourist sites and attracts most of travelers on Uganda safaris given that it is one of the largest natural forests that the pearl of Africa offers to the world.

Due to its unique tourist attractions, it is of no doubt that this natural wander today features among the major revenue contributors to this magical country. Mabira rain-forest is situated on Jinja highway, around Najjembe trading center and it features amazing attractions most of which include its spectacular trees that make up a total of 200 species and medicinal plants, 315 bird life such as the papyrus gonolek, Nahan’s francolin, the Great blue Turaco, the black hornbill, grey parrots, Dusky long tailed cuckoo, black shouldered nightjar, white spotted fluftail, afep pigeon, cassin’s hawk eagle, Sabine’s spine tail, cassin’s spine tail, blue throated roller, white bellied kingfisher, forest wood hoopoe, African pied hornbill, African dwarf kingfisher, black and white casqued hornbill, yellow spotted barbet, yellow throated tinker bird, African shrike flycatchers, hairy breasted barbet and many more.

There are also orchids, 219 butterflies, 97 moths and distinct primate species like the rare red tailed monkeys, vervets, grey cheeked mangabeys and others as well as 35 mammals like bush pigs and blue duikers. There are also some patches of grasslands, valleys and swamps, streams and waterfall. For visitors on safari to this remarkable forest, you will spend a night at Mabira Rain forest Lodge or rather in Griffin Camp.

While on safari to Mabira forest, expect to enjoy most exciting activities like;

  • Bird watching

Mabira rainforest is exceptionally a birders paradise. The forest features a number of incredible forest birds that make up a total of about 315 species. While on birding adventures, there are designated bird watching trails that take birder through the forest’s canopy and undergrowth. If you are keen enough, you will have a chance to spot out blue shouldered robin chat, velvet mantled drongo, African grey parrot, hairy breasted barbet, Tit hylia and Purple throated cuckoo shrikes, Jameson’s wattle eyes, scaly breasted illadopsis, forest robin and green tailed bristle bill, black billed Turaco. About 46 percent of forest birds live within Mabira forest.

Bird Watching

  • Guided nature walks and hikes

This forest is one of the significant spots for one to embark on rewarding nature walks. The trails lead nature lovers to forest’s dense canopy to explore its calm natural beauty which fills travelers with refreshing experiences. While on nature walk, you will have opportunity to spot out spectacular wildlife species like squirrels, monkeys, beautiful butterflies, spiders, insects, snakes, water streams, birds, and many primates. There are also several tree species to be explored and they come in distinct trees, shrubs and medicinal plants.

Mabira Forest Walk – Griffin Falls

  • Forest canopy super skyway zip lining

Zip lining is undoubtedly Mabira’s most thrilling experience that you shouldn’t miss out while on safari in Uganda. This adventure is safe and secure and it is conducted from 8:00 am to 2:00pm and then from 1:00pm to 6:00pm local time. If you are on safari to Jinja for your adrenaline adventures of lifetime, this should be the best spot that you should consider a must to stop.

Zip Lining

  • Uganda mangabey monkey trekking

Mangabey monkey trekking is a unique primate experience that is conducted in Mabira rainforest and a few spots in Tanzania. The forest features about three habituated families that are tracked by visitors each day. If you are keen enough, you will also have a chance to sight the red tailed monkeys, butterflies, flowering plants, old trees that have thrived for centuries and many forest birds.

  • Mountain biking

Visitors can also participate in mountain biking through trails that come with the most thrilling adventures of lifetime. This also offers a chance for you to explore the surrounding communities to the forest.

  • Picnicking and camping

The forest also comes with incredible picnic sites that you will amaze you with the forest’s natural wanders. You may also engage in camping experiences that offer you a chance to come close with nature. For camping adventures, there are specific sites one of which includes the Eco tourism site.

In conclusion, Mabira rain-forest isn’t just one of Uganda’s most spectacular tropical rainforests but an incredible spot for one to explore variety of forest natural wanders. If you interested in forest species, then this is the right spot for you to realize your dreams. Rent a car today with 4x4uganda to visit Mabira forest