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Entebbe Airport Car Rental

4×4 Safari Car Rental Uganda – Entebbe International Airport – Uganda

Entebbe airport is the only international airport in Uganda located at the shores of Lake Victoria; 40 kilometres away from Kampala the business capital of Uganda. It has been in operation since 1936 making it one of the oldest international airports in Africa.

The airport is still under renovation and expansion making it a little bit congested on some days. However that aside; there are a few things to consider whenever you are using Entebbe airport.

Time of arrival

Arrival time determines whether you will need to rent a hotel in Entebbe or Kampala on your first day. For instance, most of the car hire companies can deliver their cars as early as 5:30 am. This implies that in case you are arriving around 3:00 am or earlier in the morning; you might need to book accommodation in any nearby hotel then have the car delivered between 5:00 am and 5:30 am

Airport Transfers

Hiring a car for self-drive helps you to save a big deal on airport transfers. Instead of paying for an airport transfer, you can drive your way to the hotel right from the airport. However, late-night arrivals often require to book for airport transfers with the hotel in Entebbe or Kampala where you will be spending your first night.

Sometimes you might need an airport transfer straight to any of the national parks. The rates vary according to the service provider. Unless you are uncomfortable with driving your self, but a self-drive hire is highly recommended to save big.

Local Sim card

One of the essentials the moment you enter Uganda is a local sim card to help you communicate with your service providers while in Uganda.

Airport Parking Tickets

Every car that enters the airport is given a parking ticket that has to be cleared depending on the amount of time that is spent in the parking. Upon clearing for the parking, you are given an allowance of 30 minutes to exit the airport. Failure to clear the parking from the self-operated teller machines will attract fines when exiting the airport.

Airport Taxis

Sometimes the airport taxi is the best option more so when your flight arrival time is past midnight. Within the vicinity of Entebbe, they often charge between US$15 and US$20. The rates might double or triple in case you are going somewhere in Kampala or Outside Kampala.

5 Door Rav4 From US$45/Day

Game Safari in Kidepo Valley National parkAre you planning a budget self-drive safari in Uganda, 4x4uganda Uganda has got you covered with well serviced first-generation Rav4s. The car is mostly recommended for 3pax and 2pax in case of a self-drive camping safari. It has also been a great companion for lone travelers Ask Quote

V8 With Double Rooftop Tent

Mountain Gorilla Safari in UgandaCamping safaris offer some of the best self-drive Adventures in Uganda. The Land Cruiser V8 with a double rooftop tent is often recommended for 4pax safaris. It offers enough space for your luggage. Make your reservation to have it delivered to you at the airport. Ask Quote

Land Cruiser V8 From US$90/Day

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Prado Pop-up Roof From US$70/Day

Land Cruiser Prado with Safari RoofThe best of Uganda game drives often require a pop-up roof for the best wildlife views. Land cruiser with a pop up roof is recommended for 3pax self hires. It is also recommended for 2 pax and lone travellers attempting tough terrains. Ask Quote

Prado with Rooftop tent From US$90

African Elephant on Uganda Tour
The Land cruiser TX/TZ with a rooftop tent is also available for hire from Entebbe international airport. To save your time, you can make your reservation before arrival to have the car delivered to you upon arrival at Entebbe airport. Ask Quote

Rav4 2pax camping From US$55

Budget Camping Safari
A Rav4 with ground camping is highly recommended for 2pax considering relatively rough terrains. It is not available for Kidepo national park safaris and Tanzanian safaris but available for all other locations. Ask Quote