Uganda Self Drive Tips

Uganda Self Drive Tips

Uganda is one of the most popular self drive destinations in the whole of Africa because of its diversity in wildlife and ecosystems. Mostly known for gorilla trekking and commonly second to some in Chimpanzee tracking after Tanzania. But the country also has a diversity of waterfalls and landscapes that offer special hiking opportunities and scenery.

Choose the right car for your trip

Sometimes you might be driven by the rates to make your choice but you must have it at the back of your mind that small cars such as Rav4s cannot go to destinations such as Kidepo valley national park. Therefore you might have to consider a bigger car such as a Land cruiser TX/TZ , Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser 75 series or any bigger car.

Consider the Fuel Type

Not all cars consume the same type of fuel, therefore get clarity on the fuel type the car uses. Some cars use Diesel while others use Petrol. Petrol cars are less likely to cause trouble during your trip but they have one challenge; they are slightly more expensive in terms of fuel compared to Diesel cars.

Confirm your reservation with a deposit

Confirming your reservation with a deposit of any amount shows commitment saving you all the excuses that might arise out of unconfirmed reservations

Use a GPS instead of Google maps

The Gps synchronizes quicker than most of the phones giving you real-time location much quicker than using google maps on a phone making it easy for you to drive to any of the destinations of your choice. Google maps should only be an alternative in case you cannot get a GPS with the car.

Ask for Air conditioned Cars

ACs are an absolute necessity in self drive trips. Driving a car with a faulty AC will get every thing inside the car dusty because you will have to drive the car with the windows down. On top of that, Northern Uganda is slightly hotter than all the other parts of Uganda which makes it absolutely necessary to have the AC working.

Opt for a Fridge not a Cooler Box

In case you are the kind that loves chilly drinks, never ask for a cooler box, you will simply regret for the rest of your trip. The only thing you need a cooler box for is keeping your drink at room temperature which does not make the drinks any tastier.

Though the fridge attracts an extra cost, it is highly recommended if you are driving on a sunny day. You can also negotiate for a long term discount on the rates of the fridge.

Opt for a Month Long Hire

If you are considering a 3 weeks trip, It is highly advisable that you adjust it to a month long hire. This way, you can negotiate for crazy rates that are only slightly above the 21-25 days hire by a tiny margin. This will grant you more time to explore in your trip yet saving a lot of more on car hire.

Hire from Legit companies

Everyone might have aspirations to start a business but capital is often the challenge. This way, some people opt to being middle men without notifying the clients. They confirm your reservations for a self drive hire without any car to offer you. They then run to the big companies and hire a car which they sub-rent to you.

Sometimes, you might refuse an offer from a big company and run to a small company but end up hiring a car from the very company you ran away by hiring through a middle man who presents himself as a car hire company.

TripAdvisor is one of the places to easily identify the best established companies. Companies that have regular business will always have so many reviews compared to those companies that are simply starting out or simply gambling.

Be Specific on the Specifications

You might not get the car with all the specifications you need but when you identify all the specifications you need, the car hire company can opt to make developments to suite your need. This comes handy with doing your inquiry at least 6 months prior to your expected date of hire.