Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon national park is the fourth largest national park in Uganda seated on an area of 1,279 km². It is home to Mount Elgon; the fourth highest mountain in East Africa and the second highest mountain in Uganda following Rwenzori Mountains.

All activities in mountain Elgon national park route around mountain Elgon. The park is run by Uganda wildlife Authority. It can be accessed on any day of the week.

Attractions and Activities in Mountain Elgon National park

There are mainly six areas of interest in mountain Elgon national park; Caves, mountain vegetation, the peaks and the caldera, forest exploration center, Jackson’s Pool and Jackson’s peak, and Nkokenjeru ridge.

Mountain Elgon National Park Caves

Caves trips and safaris in Uganda are famously known in fort portal. When it comes to mountain Elgon national park, Kapkwai cave is the most accessible. It is located near Khauka cave on Wanale ridge and near forest exploration center. In the early days of mountain climbing, these caves sheltered the mountain climbers and their porters.

As of today, campsites are still located at Hunters cave, mue cave and Tutum cave. Though hiking would be a major activity in this park, visiting the caves would be a special exploration to learn about the history and the culture that rotates around these caves.

Vegetation in Mountain Elgon National Park