New Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariff 2024

Chimpanzee Tracking Rates in Uganda 2024

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has made changes in the chimpanzee tracking rates starting 1st July 2024. They have issued a $50 increase on all the chimpanzee tracking activities under the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The $200 chimpanzee tracking permit will cost $250 starting 1 July 2024 while chimpanzee habituation will cost $300 per permit for foreign none residents. Below are the other changes in the tariff.

Activity National Park / Wildlife Reserve East African Community Citizen (EAC) Foreign Residents (FR) Foreign Non Residents (FNR)
Chimpanzee Tracking KNP Ugx 180,000 $200 $250
Chimpanzee Habituation Experience KNP Ugx 250,000 $250 $300
Chimpanzee Tracking (Kyambura Gorge Experience) Kyambura (QENP) Ugx 50,000 $80 $100
Volcano Climbing MGNP Ugx 50,000 $80 $100
Volcano Climbing Ugandan Student Rates MGNP Ugx 5,000 per student N/A N/A
Birding and Day Nature Walks BINP MGNP SNP MENP RMNP Ugx 30,000 $30 $40
Birding and Day Nature Walks MFNP, QENP, LMNP, KVNP , Kapkwai sector and all Reserves Ugx 20,000 $20 $25
Night Nature Walks All Parks and Reserves Ugx 20,000 $30 $50

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Rates 2024

Uganda wildlife Authority has revised the gorilla trekking rates in Uganda. Though the rates have been increased to $800 per permit for foreign none residents, they also introduced a new section to accommodate the rest of travellers from Africa.

Activity National Park East African Community Citizen (EAC) Rest of Africa Foreign Residents (FR) Foreign Non-Residents (FNR)
Gorilla Tracking BINP MGNP Ugx 300,000 $500 $700 $800
Gorilla Habituation BINP Ugx 750,000 $1000 $1000 $1500