Uganda Jinja-Weekend Getaways

Jinja Town Tour

Weekends are commonly the best days off after a long week of meetings, conventions and business transactions; you might need to consider a few weekend escapes just to freshen up from the week long stress.

Source of the Nile

Not so many rivers flow towards the north and above all; the Nile is linked to over five African countries with a proved source in Uganda. Though there are several streams that believed to contribute to the source of the Nile; it is only in Jinja where you can spot the point where the water from in Lake Victoria is separated from the water of the Nile.

The source is located about 80km from Kampala marking it one of the closest tourists’ destinations to Capital Kampala. Depending on the time of the day you are likely to spend three hours to get to Jinja giving you the opportunity to explore more in Jinja beyond simply the source of the Nile.

White Water Rafting at the Nile

Not for the faint of heart, white water rafting is one of the best weekend gateways that can be done on a half day or full day basis according to your schedule.

Though rafting is a wild water activity, it can be done by individuals who do not know even how to swim since there is always a team to rescue you out of the water after falling off during the crazy rapid.

It is always a thrilling and frightening moment of drowning or going under the water for a few seconds. The whole world goes silent at that moment; and then what feels like a guardian angel pulls you out of the water unto the boat; it is never for the faint of heart.

Sipi Falls

Any Google search about falls in Uganda is likely to bring for you Murchison falls however in Mountain Elgon national park lies a chain of the highest falls in Uganda also known as Sipi falls.

The destination offers you opportunities for abseiling, zip-lining, caving, community tours, local coffee making, birding, and hiking. Most of the people that have visited this destination often visit only one of the three falls but with a professional tour guide, you can fully explore this scenic destination.

The falls are located in Kapchorwa, a few kilometers from Mbale town. This means you can visit Jinja, and then drive to Mbale and in the morning head to Kapchorwa or drive directly from Jinja to Kapchorwa.

Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Uganda located in Buikwe district. It is more of a religious place with a blend of both Christianity and Buganda cultural.

It is one of the easiest places to access on any weekend, offering some of the best sceneries coupled up with community tours that can be done through bikes or nature walks.

Landscape View of Ssezibwa Falls

Fascinating Ssezibwa Falls

The history of Ssezibwa River is mystical since it believed to bear a human spirit within it thus not simply a river but a human being that come out of her mother’s womb in form of water instead of a normal person.

Mabira Forest Walk and Zip lining

Mabiru forest would be the best stop over on your way to Jinja. It offers forest walks, zip-lining, forest biking, bird watching among several other activities.