Ngamba Island Full day Tour

Ngamba Island Full day Tour

Many stories cloud my mind whenever I think of Ngamba Island, always leaving me in a dilemma of what to say and what not to say. Besides the known reality of Chimpanzees being hydrophobic, it is always amazing to discover that the same phobia which exists in humans can be overcome by exposure among the chimpanzees.

The moment you think you have mastered all the primary facts about the chimpanzees, Ngamba Island surfaces with far deeper realities shared from current experiences with the chimpanzees.
Someone might be wondering how the chimpanzee experience in Ngamba differs from those of the wild places like Kibale forest national park.

1. Ngamba Island is a chimpanzee sanctuary; sanctuaries operate on a strict basis of non internal breeding, thus all the animals in the sanctuary were either acquired from smugglers, or abandoned orphans in the wild.
Such a background influences their character and way of life since they also suffer from similar psychological emotions like human beings. However over time, they adopt new lifestyles after being introduced to other chimpanzees.

2. Kibale forest and other wild places have chimpanzees breeding and surviving naturally on food from the forest without any additional handouts from the forest administrators. However in both places, studies are done about these chimpanzees to compile facts about their way of life in relation to their environment and other parallel facts.

With such a background, it is proper for us to move on to what a full day tour at Ngamba Island entails.
Like any traveler, your day starts before dawn, to find your way to wild frontiers dock in Entebbe; it is from here that you catch a speed boat at around 9:00am to find your way to Ngamba Island. Though photography always gives us a prior picture to our desired destinations; it never enough to give us a full picture on what life on the other side is like.

It takes you about 45 minutes to dock at Ngamba Island that is if you use a speed boat. The moment you land, you are welcomed by the sounds of birds at the shores; the scenery of the hatched structures reminds you of the heritage of the African Architecture coupled with simplicity in all regards

Like any curious person, your mind starts proposing questions about the place, which amazingly the guide is willing to answer at all time. From why there are names of individuals and companies stuck on one of the walls, to how old the place is, the working routines among other things.
Directions to the rest rooms are often given on arrival in order to ease yourself before proceeding to the restaurant for a light snack and a few hot beverages. The guide proceeds to brief you about the different activities they have; from those that directly fall in the category of chimpanzee explorations as well as birding and other animals at the island.
There are two feedings sessions available for individuals who do a full day tour; the afternoon feeding session and the evening feeding session. It is only during these feeding sessions that you can spot the chimpanzees, all the other time; they are always in the forest free ranging.
The exhibit has a high view point where you can take photos from without any distractions. Fights among the chimpanzees are inevitable at such a moment; it is always a time of showing off some muscles more so among the rival big guys. At such a time; the little chimpanzees hung around the generous friends for protection after collecting food and for some handouts from these generous friends.
After watching the evening feeding, it is time to find your way back to the speed boat to trace your way back to wild frontiers dock.