Ngamba Island 2 days Trip

Ngamba Island 2 days Trip

Escape travels are some of the common ways to find for yourself refreshment as well as finding rest and relieving stress after a long season of work. Unfortunately, there are several scams of Escape travel out there that many tourists keep regretting about.

Golden tales detailing some of the world’s most un tampered environments are rare gems. Ngamba Island is one of these special gems in East Africa with non organized but refreshing noise from the waves, and birds.

It takes about 45 to 50 minutes to dock on Ngamba Island from wild frontiers Entebbe. Unlike the half day and full day tours whose major highlight is the chimpanzee feeding,  there are over five activities that can be enjoyed in a 2 days Trip to Ngamba Island.

Chimpanzee Feeding

Anyone the journeys in the afternoon will automatically enjoy the evening chimpanzee feeding session. It is during this session that you also get the opportunity to get more details about the chimpanzee profiles.

Besides the facts shared about chimpanzees, each Chimpanzee at Ngamba has an amazing background of its birth, rescue, behavior which is a better way to spice up your chimpanzee knowledge.

Camp Fire

After watching the chimpanzee feeding session, upon request a camp fire is set at the shores adjust to the restaurant. Even on a rainy day, your evening cannot be interrupted since the restaurant is always open with both hot and cold beverages.

There are not many places in Uganda where the Milky Way can be seen vividly like at Ngamba Island, it is one of the night highlights at the Island accompanied with the flashy fishing lights that give you sceneries like no other.

Sport Fishing

Besides watching the Milky Way at night, there is also an opportunity of sport fishing at night. There are more chances of catching fish at night than during the day. It is for this particular reason that Ngamba offer night sport fishing.

The preparation of the caught fish is always at your disposal. Roasting fish at a camp fire can be a little beat complicated, however you can get away with a seasoned fish stew. The chef can also advise on how best to prepare your fish meal.


The Island has a number of cottages for accommodation. With amazing reviews from several visitors

Accommodation at Ngamba is divided into two; Luxury cottages and mid range accommodation (residence hall); the choice is always up to you.

Morning activities

After a night full of memorable activities, you wake to another chimpanzee feeding session giving you an opportunity to draw a comparison between the evening and the morning feeding session.

After the morning feeding session, you will also learn of the two chimp buddies who rejected hanging out with the other chimpanzees. One of them is a very good mathematician, learning about his explorations and accomplishments will also be a wonderful discovery opportunity.

Community Tour

Before the inception of Ngamba Island, there were families of fishermen that lived on Ngamba Island. When the Island was taken up as a chimpanzee sanctuary, the families were shifted to the nearby Islands.

It is the experience of these communities that makes a difference in your safari and gives you more than lasting memories of the nearby Islands. From their economic activities,