Kidepo National Park: A True African Wilderness

Wanting to see something splendid that makes your blood rush with amazement is one thing everyone has in common; going to Kidepo National Park will definitely make this dream come true.

Found in Karamoja in Northeast Uganda, Kidepo National Park is well known for its breath taking views that whoever visits is always astounded by the scenery and promises to come back for a second visit. This national park lies in a semi-arid valley and has savannah landscape that’s spreads far beyond, towards horizons bordered by distant mountain ranges. The location of Kidepo National Park might be considered as remote yet it harbors the most magnificent views.

Kidepo National Park was made to protect animals from poaching because it was a daily route by local people without keeping in mind that they were severely scarring wildlife in that area. As a matter of fact, this national park is ranked as one of Africa’s finest wilderness.

Kidepo National Park has a wide variety of animal species compared to other parks, some of the animals are; Bat eared fox, caracal, bush pigs, reed backs, warthogs, the cheetah which is rarely seen on the African soils and not forgetting the magnificent ostriches that maraud around the park that always increase the glimpse of excitement of the visitors when they come to the park. One will definitely get to see these exotic animal species by paying a visit to this National park.

Kidepo National park is very exceptional because it is one of Uganda’s top rated birding destinations with over 475 bird species of birds. Some of which include; ostriches, scarlet chested sun-bird, silver birds, yellow billed shrike, brown-backed woodpecker and so many more. Birds are very graceful creatures and there are always those euphoric moments you experience when see a very beautiful bird up in the sky or on the canopy of the tree.This is the perfect place for one to see so many different kinds which you might never get to see again in your life time.

Ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park

There is a lot of activities to do here of which include; going hiking on the nearby mountains where you can stand at the top and gaze at the divine Ugandan nature and breathe that cool, fresh air. One can also go to the Kanangorok hot springs that are refreshing and definitely worth visiting. The one thing that will make your visit to Kidepo National Park complete is going to the river picnic site that you might end up calling a “stress free zone”. With the essence of harmony and the palm trees being gently blown by the wind, the River picnic site can bring peace to any mind.

If you are the kind of person who likes exploring new culture, going on nature walks to visit Karamoja homesteads will enhance your knowledge on part of the Ugandan culture. Another adventurous hike to Morungole mountain to meet the Ik tribe that lives up there, interact with them and learn more bout their cultures and ways of living.
There is so much to do and see at Kidepo National park that will amaze you and free your mind from all stress and chaos. Coming to Kidepo National park will make you feel truly happy and relaxed. However, whether its guided or self drive safari, a strong 4×4 car is highly recommended especially in rainy season. Additionally, while in game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park, you are advised to employ a ranger guide, this is very important.