Karambi Royal Tombs

Cultural sites have continuously become important tourist attractions in Uganda with many tourists always exploring them during their tours in the country. Karambi Royal Tombs are one of the most treasured cultural sites within Toro Kingdom, found at approximately 4 kilometers south of Fort Portal Town along the Fortportal-Kasese Highway, making it a serene place for an excursion. From outside it looks like an ordinary place but once you enter inside, you will discover a lot of interesting facts and things about the site that will blow your mind.

Karambi Royal Tombs is among the most valued sites within Toro Kingdom, western Uganda because it is a burial place for the Kingdom’s three former Kings (Abakama)-Omukama Daudi Kyebambe, Omukama George Kamurasi Rukidi III and Omukama Kaboyo II, with each of them having separate thrones/tombs as well as other Royal family members.

This exceptional site is also a home for the Royal tools and regalia of the respective former Kings. Some of the tools include Royal Regalia, spears, Calabashes, drums, stools, animal skins and other personal tools that were associated by each of the former Kings during their reign. Besides that, the graves of the Princesses, Princes and other Royal members lay just outside the Tombs and as earlier mentioned, the view from outside may not say much but the rich history that lies inside each of the Royal Tombs will take your breath away.

Toro Kingdom was established in the early 19th century when then Prince Kaboyo, son of Bunyoro’s former King-Omukama Kyebambe rebelled against his father. Entrance into the Karambi Royal Tombs is not difficult so long as you seek for permission from the caretakers around, who will allow you enter and tour the Tombs while sharing with you some history of the place too.

Much as the site was abandoned for many years, Toro Kingdom recently unveiled plans to rehabilitate the Royal Tombs and structure them into modern tourist facility that will shelter the Museum and these include a tour and travel company and swimming pool that enable the site to generate more money. Anytime you are in western Uganda, make sure to explore these Royal Tombs to learn more about this western Uganda Kingdom especially its history and cultural beliefs.

Due to the strategic location of this site, it can be visited as well as Kibale Forest National Park (the primate capital of the World and home to over 500 Chimpanzees), the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves and also Toro Royal Palace.

Conclusively, the Karambi Royal Tombs are one of the most cherished cultural sites within Toro Kingdom in western Uganda. It’s not just an ordinary site but rather a burial place for the Kingdom’s three former Kings (Abakama)-Omukama Daudi Kyebambe, Omukama George Kamurasi Rukidi III and Omukama Kaboyo II as well as other Royals like Princes and Princesses.