Kampala City Drive Unfiltered


Kampala; also known as the city on seven hills is often a common set off point to the final destination of any Ugandan safari which is commonly Entebbe Airport. A lot of information has been provided regarding Kampala night life, Kampala bars and lounges, Kampala casinos and night clubs among several other things that make Kampala a distinct city.

However, in such instances, tourists desire to find out what life in Kampala is like beyond the common tales of the usual destinations such as Kabaka’s Lake, Rubaga cathedral, Namirembe cathedral, Bahai temple, the National mosque, Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs among many iconic tourist destinations.

Though all these destinations are worth your time, many tourists still feel like discovering Kampala in a non touristic manner. In that; you discover all these places without the filters that at times come with the touristic information guides which to many people are simply memorized lullabies giving you shadows of the true experience.

To fully discover Kampala, a few things have to be put in perspective without relegating the commonly known Kampala destinations.

  1. Visiting Music Recording studios

The moment you walk into Kampala, your ears will be flooded with music almost from every corner of the city; even the so called up town residents tune in to local radio stations and television stations that play what is commonly known as semi urban local music.

Due to the known reality of the fame that comes with Music, many youth in Kampala strive to hit the big stages; this opens up the opportunity to simply chat with music producers who are top class in Kampala to listen to what they consider some of their best projects.

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On the other hand, you get to meet the music producers who work with aspiring or upcoming musicians. These can also share with you some of the best tunes they have worked on though they haven’t had the opportunity to get the air play.

Many people visit Kampala, think the only thing they can tell about Kampala and music is what is played in the bars and clubs. Visiting music producers is one of the things I would call “Kampala behind the scenes”.

  1. Visiting Slums

Slums are often marked with negative lifestyle which unless you carry a journalistic or a humanitarian heart, you will find it very hard to enter some of these locations. However, with a good driver, you can discover what life in the city is like for some of the people you find neatly dressed in bars and clubs.

You might conclude that Kampala is congested because you have walked through the city center. I would say this is blatant deception because there are more congested places you need to visit in Kampala and its suburbs.

A visit to such places gives a totally different view of Africa, besides the commonly painted picture of planes, and hunger babies. The hustle is real in such places, which also opens your eyes to greater realities beyond what you think was possible.

  1. Visiting Universities and Schools

One of the things that nurture the lifestyle of any community are the youth and the best place to find every kind of youth you can think of is at school or the universities.

When you map your experience of the youth in the schools and universities, with how other youth on Kampala streets survive, it opens your eyes to some of the untold stories of Kampala which are worth your experience.

Think about a young lady or man who know how to spend without earning and another one who knows how to earn to simply support family and another one who simply earns because he has to.

One of the best details about Kampala can be discovered in a few minutes chat with bodaboda riders. This is because they get the opportunity to interact with almost all the people at the different levels in the city.

They can tell you about how best to survive in the city without a proper job and how to avoid trouble as a tourist in Uganda. They always know the spots to avoid in case you wish to keep safe.

With their experience, you can map out your discoveries about the university students, high school youth and their experience with them. In doing so, you will be in position to do a proper comparison with other African countries and your home country.

  1. Visiting Markets

The best place to find out life hacks in Kampala are the markets. You will find there people of all classes and from all walks of life with a diversity of ethnicity. It will also give you the opportunity to learn of the prices of items outside the generally known tourist rates.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the things that you will not miss out. Just a multi-billion advise; never leave Uganda without tasting the pineapples. You cannot regret the taste besides; freshness will come along with every bite.

Another market highlight are the so called sweet bananas. Since bananas are the staple food for most of the inhabitants of Kampala, it is important you get to taste the different banana species sold in the Market (in case you have time)

  1. Visiting media centers and cultural centers

Media is one of the things the frame the societies’ way of life, visiting the different media houses and learning about their media milestones is worth your time since most of the media houses are in Kampala.

Media houses will usher you into discovering the cultural roots of the different communities and how they have blended together because of the lifestyle in Kampala.

Part of the tour will require you to drive, however you cannot do a self drive since it will require you to walk or travel with someone who is well versed with all these places.; so that at the end of the day, you do not simply fly home with only sceneries of Uganda but with hearts and memories of strangers who became friends yet for just a moment.