Entebbe One Day Tour (Best of Entebbe Trip)

Best of Entebbe Town Tour

Are you an expatriate or a business man with a free day in Entebbe after a long season of work? Here are few ways to maximize your day in Entebbe.

Entebbe is known as a hangout location to most of the Ugandans. Most of the beaches on the shores of Uganda’s Lake Victoria are found in Entebbe. These include but not limited to Spennah beach, Ssese gateway beach, aero beach, white sands beach, water front beach among several other beaches.

  1. Visiting Beaches in Entebbe

Entrance at the beaches in the Entebbe is often free of charge mainly Monday to Wednesday and the other days of the week often call for a small entrance fee that rarely exceeds two dollars unless there is a concert.

Entebbe beaches come with a number of activities at your disposal; these include but not limited to: Beach volleyball, swimming (terms and conditions apply), Music, meat roasting, spirits, beers and wines.

Beaches are a usual hang out for people who love to sip on beers and spirits with some music in the background bundled with the sounds of the water waves. Besides; some people also go for speed boating from the beaches.

  1. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC)

UWEC is one of the best places in Uganda to spot almost all species of Uganda’s wildlife. The beauty with Uganda wildlife conservation education center is their behind the scenes program that gives you the opportunity to have a closer touch with the animals.

During the behind the scenes program, you get to pose with cheetahs, pythons, Rhinos, and the elephants. Other animals such as the lions, leopards, serval cats, hyenas, and the antelopes are only watched from a far.

You can also sign up for keeper of the day; this gives you the opportunity to feed and supervise animal behavior alongside the animal keepers. In case you have seen photos of someone feeding a giraffe in Uganda; it was taken either during the keeper of the day program or behind the scenes program.

In case time is not your good companion, you can spend an hour just to walk around the animal exhibits. At UWEC, you can spot all the Africa’s big five. These include: the elephant, rhinos, buffaloes, Lions and leopards.

Amongst the Africa’s big five at UWEC, you can pose with the elephant, and rhinos while the lions, leopards and buffaloes can only be spotted meters away even during the behind the scenes program.

Lake Victoria is another special site to spot from the UWEC gardens, restaurant and bar. You can choose to sip on free drinks in the gardens, or order for a meal in the Uganda wildlife conservation education center restaurant.

  1. Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe botanical garden is one of those few places that cannot be explored without the help of guide. Though the gardens offer a wide range of natural beauty, to fully understand how all these species co-exist the help of a tour guide is indispensible.

The park/ gardens are known for the variety of tropical forest trees that act as a habitant to several monkey species including but not limited to; Black and white colobus, vervets, red tailed monkeys among several other monkey species.

Butterflies and bird watching is are some of the highlights to most of the people that visit the gardens, besides; it grants you the opportunity to stand on the shores of Lake Victoria is a breath taking moment to most of the people that visit the gardens.

  1. Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

Besides Uganda wildlife conservation and education center Chimp close up, Ngamba Island offers a distinct chimpanzee experience that comes with a 45 minutes boat ride to the Chimpanzee Island.

The boat cruise gives you the opportunity to cross the equator on Lake Victoria as well as spotting a number of bird species.

When you arrive at Ngamba Island, you will discover more about chimpanzees than anywhere else in Uganda. This is because the chimps on this Island have been studied for over 15 years and more giving conclusive finding regarding the chimpanzee life style, IQ and characteristics.

  1. Entebbe Reptile Village

In places like UWEC reptiles such as the monitor lizards, African rock pythons can be spotted however to get a full remarkable and blissful experience of Uganda’s reptiles; Entebbe reptile village is the go to place.

The park is home to almost all snake species of Uganda including but not limited to African rock python, cobras, black mambas, vipers among other snake species. Chameleons, crocodiles, among other reptiles can be spotted in this private reserve

Itinerary ideas

Breakfast at the hotel

8:00am -9:00am-Entebbe botanical gardens

9:30am-11:30am- Uganda wildlife conservation education center (Mid morning snack)

11:30am-1:00pm- Entebbe Reptile village

1:00pm -1:30pm –Lunch (You can also choose to have lunch from Ngamba Island)

1:30pm- 4:30pm- Ngamba Island (requires prior booking)

6:00pm till late- Entebbe beaches/ bars