Best Things to Do in Kisoro?

Located in southwestern Uganda, Kisoro is credited for its strategic location especially when it comes to mountain gorilla trekking adventures. It isn’t only a district but also one of the excellent tourist sites that Uganda offers to the world travelers who are on safari in Africa. It is bordered by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and features a population of about 22000 people. It covers an area of about 729.7 square kilometers. This remarkable district isn’t only credited for mountain gorilla adventures but also offers the most exceptional surrounding areas with variety of tourist activities.

For visitor vacation in Kisoro, we have listed some of the interesting activities below for you to engage in;

Viewing site of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Above Ntebeko gate lies a small platform providing the most remarkable views of Mgahinga National Park and its surrounding areas. In the south, there are 3 distinct volcanoes national park and the Virunga National Park in the north, Lake Mutanda and the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. To the west you will have amazing views at the western rift valley in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The walk lasts for half an hour in a distance of one kilometer from Mgahinga National Park headquarters.

Garama Cave

You will also have a chance to explore more about the Garama caves that acted as refuge to most of the people at a time when there was conflict between the Batwa and the Bantu. The Batwa pygmies stayed in the jungles and the Bantu had their gardens and villages. The Batwa therefore raided the Bantu in their villages and disappeared in the jungles. The Bantu never had any idea that there was a very big cave in the forest where the Batwa used hide from. The Garama Caves are 342 meters long and today it refuges most of the bats. At the caves, the guide will tell you more stories about the caves and their history and not to forget the lifestyle of the Batwa. The walk lasts for three hours within 4 kilometers.

Mount Mgahinga

Mount Mgahinga

About 59 percent of Mgahinga National Park is occupied by bamboo forest and this is the most preferred food for the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and it offers the best hiking adventures. The hike to its summit takes visitors via a stunning natural bamboo forest. The hike rewards travelers with incredible sightings at the unique golden monkeys and bushbucks. This mountain stands at 3474 meters and visitors have opportunity to view its amazing surrounding areas and the swamp in the crater. The hike lasts for six hours which is about five kilometers.

Gorge walk in Mount Sabinyo

The hike through this mountain takes you via the stunning vegetation in the gorge of the Mount Sabinyo. It is moist with thick forest. There is a river at its bottom part and it is also incredible on its own way. Towards the end of the hike, you will have a view at the amazing waterfall and best view of all the peaks. This the best site for lunch, birding where you will have a chance to spot the Rwenzori Turaco, go for golden monkey trekking and sight the duikers. The walk lasts for four hours in a six kilometer distance hike.

Mount Sabinyo

Mount Sabinyo

This stands at 3.669 meters and features as the oldest of all the 3 volcanoes and its name denotes the teeth of the old man. Mount Sabinyo features 3 most breathtaking peaks. The trail leads visitors through the ridge along the eastern part of the peak; the second peak leads you to the ridge with amazing views at the gorges of Rwanda and Uganda while the third peak offers views of all the three countries-Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC. Hiking through this mountain leads you via distinct vegetation belts and you will have opportunity to also catch a glimpse of the golden monkeys, duikers, the Rwenzori Turacos and many more. The walk lasts for seven hours in a distance of around 14 kilometers.

Border trail of the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda

This leads visitors first to Mount Sabinyo. The trail extends up to the foothills of Sabinyo volcano along the montane forest prior turning to Congo. On your way you will have a chance to have views of Sabinyo’s gorge and its peaks. On arrival at Congo, you will cut back the long international border of 3 states-Uganda, DRC and Rwanda. The return leg to the park headquarters is best for birders too. The 2 rest huts on your way are the best stopovers. You will have a chance to also view the rare golden monkeys and some elephants. Towards the end of the trail, you will have an imagination like you visited DRC or even Rwanda. This guided walk is done along side the armed escorts and the hikes last for seven hours in a nine kilometer trail.

Birding in Mgahinga National Park

Visitors on a tour around Kisoro also have opportunity to watch some birds especially the whydah, speckled moose bird, fire finch, ibis, stonechat, grey capped warbler, yellow vented bulbul, waxbills and many more.

Village walks

You can also engage in village walk with a local guide who will take you via the gardens and villages of the Bufumbira and Bakiga tribes. Along the way you will have opportunity to explore the way locals survive and their daily work in the community. It is from this that you will also get a chance to have a taste of locally prepared dishes. You can also take a walk to Lake Mutanda and engage in canoeing adventure to Python Island and sight some bird species at the swamp.

Mountain gorilla trekking

Given the fact that Mgahinga National Park is located in Kisoro district, your safari to this remarkable area also rewards you with dramatic mountain gorilla adventures as you look out for a group of habituated gorillas. Nyakagezi group is the only habituated family set for this lifetime experience in Mgahinga National Park. The treks start at 7:00am with briefing by park official and only persons above 15 years are allowed to engage in this life changing adventure. Permits are sold at $600 and you will have a chance to realize your dreams in Uganda.

Golden monkey trekking

Besides mountain gorilla trekking, Mgahinga National Park also offers you with yet another dramatic adventure-the golden monkey tracking. Mgahinga National Park is one of the best destinations in the world where golden monkeys can be sighted in the wild and it features habituated families that have been set for this lifetime experience. These remarkable primates weigh from 10 to 25 kilograms and their bodies are golden in nature. They belong to blue monkey and mainly thrive within the bamboo forest of Mgahinga National Park, Virunga National Park and Volcanoes National Park.

Volcano hiking

You can also engage in mountain climbing at Mgahinga National Park. There are 3 magnificent volcanoes that are found within the park and each of them offers distinct experiences for hikers on safari in Uganda. But you have to be prepared with a bottle of water and snacks. The volcanoes include the Mount Muhavura which stands at 4127 meters, Sabinyo Mountain-3669 meters and Mount Gahinga at 3474 meters.

Batwa forest trail

If you love cultural encounters, then this is the best place for you to visit while on tour in Uganda. The Batwa are a few most remarkable human beings on earth. They are famous as the forest dwellers given the fact that they lived harmoniously with the forest for more than 500000 years while hunting and gathering. However, because of conservation they were forced out of their natural wonder and now they are marginalized people around Mgahinga National Park. Hitting the Batwa trail rewards you with amazing stories, history, and lifestyle of the Batwa and above all, do not miss their dramatic and thrilling traditional dances and performances especially as you explore the Garama caves.

With the above information, Kisoro is one of the blessed areas in Uganda and it is naturally gifted with variety of attractions and tourist activities which have ranked it as one of the best tourist destinations. With variety of things that are available in this remarkable area, we believe that you won’t run out of choice while making the best choice of activities to enjoy while on vacation in Uganda.