Self Drive to the Magnificent Aruu Falls

Waterfalls are some of the stunning natural features that however much their beauty can be seen in pictures; there is a special atmosphere that surrounds waterfalls making them some of the places that a worth a visit for anyone planning a refreshing tour.

There are mainly three types of waterfalls in Uganda; plunge waterfalls, punchbowl waterfalls, and multistep waterfalls.

Types of Waterfalls

A plunge waterfall is one where water just seems to spill off the precipice without touching the rocks beneath. A common example of a plunge waterfall in Uganda is Sipi falls.

Punchbowl waterfalls are mainly defined by the pool of water they form at the bottom, which is in most cases is shallow making them ideal falls for lovers of swimming.

Multistep waterfalls flow upon several multi-level rock steps making beautiful sceneries. They are commonly shallow and it is in this category that Aruu Falls fits.

Aruu Falls

Uganda, also known as the pearl of Africa is gifted with a number of waterfalls Murchison falls (In murchison falls national park) being the most outstanding of all in terms of popularity; however it would be a disservice to a person interested in falls to leave Uganda without visiting Aruu falls in the northern part of Uganda.

Many of the falls that are found in Uganda can only be watched from a distance, but Aruu falls; besides giving you beautiful sceneries from a pavilion point of view, you have the opportunity to move a step further and stand at the different levels within the falls.

Tourists often stand with in the different pools that the falls form as water flows upon several rocky steps. The falls are divided into four streams, to a daring individual; it is a wonderful opportunity to climb up the falls taking precautions of the slippery stones.

The photographic scenes in this place are beyond amazing, a Google search would not disappoint in providing you with all the captured priceless moments that photos can only narrate in bits

Therefore, anyone considering a visit to Kidepo valley national park, Aruu falls would be one of the destinations to consider putting on your itinerary.

Silence in the wilderness in measured by how loud a sound sticks out amidst a very quiet environment. To those that have spent a life time in towns, such moments can only be compared to a lone car sound moving in the mid of the night.

But think about it, the car sound is rather annoying than refreshing; but only a few meters away from the falls; you just feel like jumping out of your skin to embrace what your senses have picked from a far. No wander; the common response is people undressing to find their way into the falls.

Playing in the rain is a common practice among those who have grown up at farm lands; in fact some people go a step further to take a bath in the rain. In most cases; people with such experiences also dream of taking a bath in a waterfall.

Of course it is not common to find fresh waters that won’t peel off your skin, but in Uganda Aruu falls is one of those places where you are assured of experiencing fresh waters spill off your body.

It is for this reason we recommend a good camera beyond the normal smart phone cameras to ensure high quality pictures that you keep for a life time while keeping your Aruu falls memories as fresh as sunset at the beach.

The common fear on this trip is the long distance from Kampala, but a five days itinerary to the East and Northern Uganda would further enrich your visit beyond what any author can articulate.