Agri Tourism in Uganda 2022

Uganda Agro-Tourism 2022

Agro-tourism is simply the integration of Agriculture with tourism. It involves winery tours, rural bed and breakfast, Life of an everyday farmer, visiting fruits and vegetable farms, floriculture among any other things that concern agriculture.

In Uganda, holidays major more on Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, sightseeing, jungle safaris and cultural tours. However to fully explore a country like Uganda whose back born is in Agriculture; Agro-tourism is inevitable. There are mainly two lines of Agro-tourism; Inclusive Agro-tourism and Exclusive Agro-tourism.

Exclusive Agro-Tourism

The category of exclusive Agro-tourism offers holidays whose every activity rotates around agriculture. Probably you have heard of the tasty, juicy, un-garnished yet very eye catching fruits of the pearl of Africa. Instead of running to markets in Kampala to get some of these fruits for yourself; rather you visit farms on an individual basis.

Visiting Farms

Pineapples, Mangoes, Papayas, water melons are among the most selling fruits in Uganda. But instead of going to supermarkets where these fruits may not be fresh; you rather visit the farms. These are evenly distributed around the country depending on which particular fruit you are interested in Uganda.

When you visit farms you get to interact with the farmers who will share with you their experiences; at the end of your farm tour; you will have a fruit brunch before proceeding to another farm.

It might take you a minimum of 6 days to explore Uganda fruits farms. However besides the fruits there is more to explore in Agriculture including Vanilla farms, coffee plantations from whence you also get the opportunity to visit to prepare your own coffee. From coffee seeds to what is ready to be drunk.

Floriculture is also another least discovered agro-tourism field in Uganda but with the help of the right tour operators and partners; you will be directed to the right farms where you can visit at the specified period of time.

Sugar cane and tree growing are also farming activities worth being explored when you visit Uganda. These are some of the main sources of commercial agriculture in Uganda.

Inclusive Agro Tourism

Inclusive Agro tourism is an hybrid of agriculture and other tourism activities. The best example would be hiking at Sipi falls coupled with visiting coffee farms, making coffee using local means, community tours while learning about substance agriculture, bicycle rides to discover farm lands among several other activities.

Self drive Agro-tourism

Agro-tourism is a beat tricky when it comes to agriculture. Unless you get in touch with a tour operator who can get you contacts, you might not be able to identify most of the farms on the maps. You might have to design your itinerary by getting in touch with the different farmers’ associations or tour operators.

Agro-Tourism with a driver

The easiest way to enjoy your agro-tourism trip is by hiring a car with a driver. However the driver might charge you a few dollars above the normal rates because you might have to travel off the normal paths. The only advantage with this is you get to discover what most of the other tourists never discover.

Most of the things considered as tourist attractions are not taken as so much important because they have grown up seeing them; so they are part of their everyday environment. It is also for the same reason why most Ugandans would prefer a music concert to a waterfalls tour.

Agro-tourism with a tour operator

Tour operators rarely have agro-tourism itineraries therefore they usually make for you an itinerary based on your desires since Uganda has a lot to offer in terms of Agriculture.

Tour operators will organize for you an all inclusive tour; from accommodation, to meals and transport. The only thing you have to do is agree about what you want to see and for how long so that they can design your you something to give you the best experience.