7 Reasons why you should hire a car with a driver

Car Hire with Professional Driver Guides

Self drive safaris are getting more popular not only in Uganda but all around East Africa. However there is always an option of hiring a car with a driver and these are the reasons why this will be a better option.

  1. Liability in case of Accidents

When you hire car with a driver, you transfer all the liability to the company. You remain in charge of where the driver should drive to but in case of an accident or any damages, you are not held liable.

It also saves you the trouble of analyzing every clause of the contract since hiring with a driver relinquishes you of duties of entering strictly binding contract.

  1. Roads and Signage

It is easy to drive on the main roads, since almost all these roads are in good mechanical conditions, however most of the roads that are off the main roads are in poor condition. You might need some experience to drive on these roads more so when it rains since they have nothing like signage.

  1. Knowledge of the Country

    The internet is a very resourceful tool but what happens when you are in a place where there is no internet access, you are left alone to depend on your instincts. This can be resolved when you hire with a driver.

Driver guides are always knowledgeable about where to eat out safely, where to buy authentic stuff, where to stay overnight whether you chose to lodge or camp. They will always save you the hustle of training to find out where to get all these basic services.

Whenever you hire a driver guide, you are assured of great tips and hidden destinations that you can rarely find out on the hard copy maps or google maps. In other words, you job is to ask questions as you explore with a professional driver guide on the unbeaten paths of Uganda

  1. Wildlife Viewing

One of the main reasons you need a driver; is wildlife viewing. Whenever you driving in the park you tend to put most of your attention on the road ahead thus getting limited time to really look around; but when you hire a driver, you get the opportunity to also make use of the pop up roof or the sun roof for proper game viewing.

These professional drivers are also good cat trackers; they usually know how to find the lions and leopards which you might not be able to do by yourself in case you opt of a self drive safari.

MasaiMara national Park Wildlife

Some stories are worth being shared with certain scenes; while on your trip, you will get the opportunity to learn about Uganda’s history, as well as sharing with you details about the behavior of different animals and bird species. Their commentary will always be appreciated.

  1. Language Barrier

Language is the basic tool of communication, in case you speak English you are safe but most of the people in the local communities cannot go beyond greeting in English. Therefore having someone who can speak with the local people is an added advantage since at times you might wish to find out certain facts from the local but due to language barrier, you often hindered.

You also feel safer walking around with someone that can interact with the local people more so when it comes to local transactions where you might be overcharged where buying items or services.

  1. Mechanical Knowledge

    Changing a car tire is one of the basic mechanic skills needed whenever you are driving in the park. You are likely to get a puncture of flat tire at least once but you can be saved from all this hustle of changing tires, being conned by mechanics by raising fake mechanical issues among other issues.

The driver guides always have some advanced mechanical knowledge which saves you a lot of trouble in case of any mechanical issue.

  1. Time Management

One of the things that waste a lot of time is taking a wrong route, all this time can be saved when you hire with a driver.