5 Things You can only See and Do in Uganda 2022

5 Things You Can Only Find In Uganda

There are so many activities that can only be done in Uganda however many people know it for the common activities that can also be done in the neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic republic of Congo.

Not everyone has discovered the unique of the pearl of Africa. In this article we wish to share with you those five things that are exclusive to the pearl of Africa.

Buganda Tombs

One of the most famous cultural heritage sites in Uganda are the Kasubi tombs, unfortunately a few years ago they faced a tragedy of fire that left the biggest structure of these tombs on the ground. However there are several other tombs in Buganda Kingdom such as Wamala tombs alongside the reconstructed Kasubi tombs.

This kind of ancient architecture cannot be found elsewhere in Africa. It is one of the few remains of the great of the ancient building styles. After Kasubi tombs were burnt down due to a fire outbreak, it is still taking a lot of time to have they old structure reconstructed.

The prime minister of Buganda kingdom says the delays have been caused by norms that have to be observed in reconstructing these structures.

Cultural Dances

Africa is known for culture but unlike most of the Africa countries who have only a few major tribes; Uganda has over fifty tribes all identified by their different dances.

Dances often carry hidden meanings and messages. There are dances of initiations, dances of traditional rituals that are performed when someone is possessed. These are uncommon to be seen because they are often limited to families and clan members. Unless you are part of that specific family, you might not have access to such an event. However these events happen almost everywhere in Africa.

Ndeere Cultural center is one of the places in Uganda where most of the Uganda dances for celebration, marriage and initiation ceremonies are performed. It is one of the best places Africa has to offer in when it comes to dances.

Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park

The park is mainly known for Gorilla tracking but what makes it so unique from all the other places where mountain gorillas can be found in Africa. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a UNESCO heritage site marked for hosting three primate species; Humans, Gorillas and chimpanzees.

Bwindi is still one of the thickest forests in the whole world. Besides the common pine forest that not thick, Bwindi impenetrable forest is too unique with a vast distribution of vegetation and tree species. It hosts forest Elephants and Buffaloes which are a rare animal species to spot in other parts of Africa.

During a nature walk, you have the opportunity to spot some of these non habituated animals apart from the mountain gorillas which require a separate permit to be spotted.

Source of the Nile

Though the source of the longest river in Africa is still debatable, a satellite photo will clearly show you from which country it flows from to the rest of Africa. When you visit Jinja town where the source of the Nile River is located, you will ride on the boat to the actual streams where the Nile waters are clearly separated from the waters of Lake Victoria.

The source of the Nile can only be visited in Uganda. It is one of the things the identify Uganda from the rest of Africa.

Bahai Temple

The Bahai faith has its roots in India fostering unity of all religions in regard to the school of thought that assumes that all religions are similar; the only difference lies in the varying knowledge of who each religion perceives of who “god” is. However all exclusive religions are not part of this faith because they have no category of allowing other religions define what is assumed true in that particular faith.


On the African continent, Uganda is still the only host of the Bahia faith temple. It is one of the most artistic architectural sites in Uganda with countless tales of ancient mysteries and retells of the core purpose of Life and community.