Where To Test For Covid-19 In Tanzania

Accredited Hospitals For Covid-19 in Tanzania

Testing for Covid-19 has become mandatory for anyone considering to cross any borders. For the case of self-catered tours; you will always need to have knowledge of the different places where you can carry out your Covid-19 tests before crossing to Tanzania’s neighboring countries.

In case you consider crossing from Uganda to Tanzania, this article will be of great help in terms of where you can test in Uganda before crossing to Tanzania. All tests in Tanzania can only be done in government hospitals

Where to test for Covid-19 in Mwanza Tanzania

The following are the certified laboratories in Mwanza for Covid-19 tests;

Sekou Toure Regional Referral Hospital

Phone Number: +255 282 502 171

Location: Nyamagana Mwanza, Mwanza Region Tanzania

Where to test for Covid-19 in Kilimanjaro-Moshi Tanzania

Mawenzi RRH

 Mawenzi Regional Referral Hospital

Website: http://mawenzirrh.go.tz

Mail: mawenzirrh@afya.go.tz

Tel: +25526502237

 Hai District Hospital

Physical Address: Taarifa Street, Moshi

Location: Moshi Kilimanjaro

Where to test for Covid-19 in Dodoma Tanzania

The following are some of the hospitals to consider for your Covid-19 tests in Dodoma Tanzania

Dodoma RRH

Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital (Dodoma RRH)

Website: http://www.dodomarrh.go.tz

Mail: dodomarrh@afya.go.tz

Tel: +255738100120

Benjamin Mkapa Hospital

Website: https://www.bmh.or.tz

Mail: info@bmh.or.tz

Tel: +255-262963710, +255-262963710

Where to test for Covid-19 in Arusha Tanzania

Below are the hospitals in Arusha Tanzania where you can test for covid-19

Mount Meru Regional Referral Hospital

Website: http://www.mtmerurrh.go.tz

Mail: mt.merurrh@afya.go.tz

Tel: 250-335751-2

Where to test for covid-19 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

JKCI Dar es Salaam

Website: https://www.jkci.or.tz

Mail: info@jkci.or.tz

Tel:  +255-22-2152392, +255-782042019

Where to test for Covid-19 near Tanzania-Zambia border (Mbeya)

Besides the towns located near the airports in Tanzania, Mbeya and Mwanza are the most important checkpoints in case you have to cross from Tanzania to Zambia or from Tanzania to Uganda.

Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital

Website: https://mzrh.go.tz

Mail:  info@mzrh.go.tz

Tel: +255 2503456, +255 2503351

Mbeya Regional Referral Hospital

Website: http://www.mbeyarrh.go.tz

Mail: mbeyarrh@afya.go.tz

Tel:  +255 737 699 142, +255 737 699 142