4×4 Rental: Mara River Exploration

This Mara River bends across the northern tip of the Serengeti National park on its wet side flow in to the mighty Lake Victoria. This river is also famous for the past wildebeest crossing which is a dramatic event that is featured in many wildlife documentaries. The hippos found in these dark waters along with the Nile crocodiles loom below the foogy surface. These large herds of the buffaloes feed on the flood plains and the groups of the giraffes that slide through the shady groves of the acacia trees. Mara River as well as the Lamai Triangle is a must see if you are visiting Tanzania in the late dry season during August, September or October.

4×4 Jeep – Guided Tour Kenya, Mara River

One of Tanzania’s best kept secrets is that half of the Mara River is located in the North Serengeti and Masai Mara‘s segment in Kenya. You are also able to view the game without hordes of other vehicles and this will rewards you abundantly with a great experience. A full day game drive can be conducted while staying at any lodge or camp. This can also include a tour through Wogakuria and spend the time adventuring the Mara River. You will also get a chance to view the great migratory herds during the dry season. In case you approach quietly, you may spot the massive crocodiles and this is the largest specie of crocodiles in the whole world.

This river also supports a great canopy of forest and the nearby flood plains that have got variety of wildlife. There are groups of hippos that total to 50 individuals are commonly seen in the Mara at the oxbow. One can also walk along the shores of the river and then take photos of the hippos as they swim in the water. There are also large herds of the giraffes that are commonly seen feeding on the acacia trees that fill the flood plains along the river. The other animals found here include the Impalas, reptiles, birds, and some of these include; bee eaters, weavers, fish eagles, king fishers, the colourful and the rare turaco.

MasaiMara national Park Wildlife

The Mara River also has the buffaloes, elephants as well as Rhinos in the Serengeti are all found here and it’s also favourite hangout for the migration. In the dry seasons, there are large herds of the wildebeest and the zebras that cross the river. The river also forms the bottom of the Lamai triangle which is also the dangerous refuge for the migration during the long dry season. The southward migration is also an extra ordinary event since many animals cross this river in a single file fashion.

It’s also known that when the wildebeest cross the Mara River into the Lamai country, there are high deaths that occur at the river crossings. The herds also build up on the banks in large numbers while the dust clouds shook up by their constant movement overhead and the vultures come together in threatening clusters in the nearby trees. The predators such as lions and leopards are many at the river and these are hard to see compared with other areas of the North Serengeti.

Before visiting this area, make sure you have a 4×4 car, the roads are bad and impassable especially in rainy season. Therefore, you must have a strong 4×4 vehicle, equipped with Hi-Lift Jack, Spade and Axe or Machette.