Top 5 Must Visit Islands in Uganda

Uganda Islands are still among the least explored and known Uganda destinations. With a total of 90 habitable islands, little is still known about most of the Islands that have not positioned themselves for tourism. For instance, Ssesse Islands is an archipelago of 84 Islands found on Lake Victoria. However, out of these 84 Islands, not more than ten have been explored for tourism purposes.

In this article, we bring you some of the must-visit Islands not only on Lake Victoria but around Uganda.

Dolwe Island

Dolwe Island is among the least-known tourist destinations in Uganda. The Island stands out because of its stunning rocks that seem to be organized deliberately to fit a certain pattern. It is believed that the Island might have been inhabited by giants immemorial centuries ago.

Among some of the rocks, there are human-like footprints that have continuously puzzled visitors. Like other places around the world where there are rock-human-like footprints, it is still unsolved how these footprints got there.

Accommodation is still poor on this Island. It is highly recommended to keep your expectations low in regard to accommodation. Taking a car with a rooftop tent would also help you take good control of your accommodation.

Ngamba Island

Uganda is one of the leading chimpanzee tracking destinations on the African continent. With Kibale national park the primate capital, chimpanzee tracking is among the top primate activities in Uganda. However, though Ngamba Island is a habitat for Chimpanzees, it is not a chimpanzee tracking destination, rather it is a chimpanzee sanctuary.

It is one of those places you can visit to learn more about the chimpanzees. A lot of chimpanzee research is conducted on this Island. The chimpanzees permanently live in the forest on the Island and they only come out at the time for feeding.

At Ngamba Island, there is a well-developed infrastructure for accommodation. You will not, therefore, have to worry about where to sleep while on the Island. You can also go sport fishing from Ngamba Island.

Lake Bunyonyi Islands

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the top safari destinations in Uganda. The Lake is very popular for its unique scenery and cold breeze throughout the day. It has a number of Islands with a long history such as the Punishment Island where pregnant girls used to be deserted.

Among the top activities to do on the Islands of Lake Bunyonyi include canoeing, Nature walks, ziplining, community tours, mountain biking, swimming, and birding among several other activities.

The location of Lake Bunyonyi is strategic for connecting to Bwindi’s impenetrable national park as well as connecting to Rwanda in case you wish to consider a cross-border tour for Uganda and Rwanda.

Bulago Island

Bulago Island is located not very far from Ngamba Island. It is mainly a relaxation holiday hotspot commonly known for its beach, and sunsets. If you are planning a holiday to Uganda; Bulago Island would work out best as a relaxation place at the end of your Uganda safari.

Many people never have enough time to relax during their Uganda safaris. Spending the last two days of your Uganda safari at Bulago Island is a good way to refresh and relax after long drives in Uganda’s savannah parks as well as hikes in the primate parks.

Bugala Island

Bugala Island is the most popular Island on Ssesse Island. Whenever people are referring to Ssesse Islands or Kalangala holidays, they are usually referring to Bugala Island. This Island has the highest number of accommodation options among all the Ssesse Islands.

Bugala Island can also be identified with Brovad sands lodge; the only lodge in Uganda with a modern cruise boat for weekend getaways. Their services have been ranked as excellent by many people who have visited. Like Pineapple Bay, it is a good place to relax however it is quite busier than pineapple bay.