Self guided Tours in Uganda

All About Self guided Tours in Uganda

A self-guided tour is any tour that is run by the tourist themselves contrary to a scheduled tour operator run trip. In a self-guided tour, you plan for your own accommodation, meals, transport and destination entrance fees. However, tour operators are sometimes at your disposal to offer you all the necessary information needed when planning for your trip.

Where to find Self-guided tours Information

Information for self-guided tours in Uganda is readily available online, but take caution on how updated in might be. We recommend you to inquire with the tour operators mainly in the field of self-drive car hire, motorcycle adventures hire, lodges and safari restaurants. These will offer you up to date information than that which might be online.

4x4 with Rooftop Tent & Driver

4×4 with Rooftop Tent & Driver

Therefore; after collecting information from whichever website online, any information you find contradicting, try to confirm with the tour operators who readily support the self-guided tours in Uganda. As we said above; they include; self-drive car hire operators, Uganda safari lodges, safari restaurants, and motorcycle hire companies.

How to hire a car or motorcycle during your self-guided tour in Uganda

Whenever you are planning a self-guided tour in Uganda, you have to consider which means of transport to use during your self-guided tour. There are mainly three options to consider in your self-guided tour in Uganda; car hires with a driver, self-guided car tours, and self-guided motorcycle tours. These three categories might sound like a mystery but below is the breakdown of it all in beats.

It might be impossible to have a self-guided tour without putting the means of transport into consideration unless you are considering a city tour. Below are three items to consider in case you are ignoring a self-guided city tour which might necessarily be a walking tour.

Car hires with a driver

During your self-guided tours, it might be a bit tricky for you to have a smooth self-navigated trip in a foreign country if you do not have any experience in self-guided tours. In this case, you can hire a car with a driver who will drive you wherever you want. It is actually more of having a mini-guided tour though it is run at your terms.

Self-guided car tours

In self-guided car tours, the car hire company will only provide you a car and a map if you need one or a GPS depending on their terms and conditions.

The navigation throughout the trip will be left to you. Therefore prior planning will be required since every time you call these tour operators in the middle of your trip, they are likely to think you are having issues with their services, therefore consider gathering all the required information before your self-guided tour in Uganda starts.

Self-guided motorcycle tours in Uganda

Self-guided motorcycle tours in Uganda are not as popular as self-guided car tours however you can give them a shot in case you are interested in riding a motorcycle on your trip. The price range is often the same; the only challenge is the motorcycle will always be affected by weather conditions which are rarely the case with self-drive car hires. Read more on how to hire a motorcycle in Uganda.

How to book Lodges and Restaurants during a self-guided tour in Uganda

After securing your means of transport, the next thing to plan would be accommodation and meals. There are mainly four price ranges to consider during a self-guided tour in Uganda; Shoestring, budget, midrange, and luxury. Whenever you are searching for safari lodges online, we recommend you to use those four keywords for a more narrowed-down search.

• The first step in booking a lodge would be identifying your budget limitations, thus look for something that fits your budget.
• Secondly, send inquiries to the different lodges, don’t be surprised if some of your inquiries are not responded to. A phone call would save you a lot in case of non-response
• Compare prices and confirm availability
• Make a deposit for your reservation
• The more companies you are in touch with, the more access to the information you will have since they will readily be available to answer most of the questions regarding your self-guided tours in Uganda. The lodges would be the best places to make restaurant inquiries from