Visiting Uganda Amidst 6 Weeks Lockdown

Uganda’s Tourism During Lockdown

Whenever the term lockdown is used, it comes with a baggage of preconceived ideas based on our personal experience of a lockdown in a given locality. This often blocks our mind from allowing anyone outside our locality to define what the lockdown is like in their setting.

Uganda, in particular, announced a 42 days lockdown on the 19th of June 2021. But what can we make out of Uganda’s lockdown? What has changed and what has remained constant?

VISA Application

Among the many things that have changed due to the lockdown is the VISA application policy. Previously some travelers were allowed to organize their VISA upon arrival. But this has changed. On the 23rd of June, the ministry of internal affairs made a media stand informing the public that all VISA will be organized online via

Moving Around Uganda

When the president announced a lockdown, many people perceived a total lockdown without any movement. But that is not the case in Uganda. The travel ban was only on public transport and private cars in certain circumstances.

4x4 Self Dive Uganda - Rav4You are likely to find a number of private cars on the road. These are often permitted to move on medical grounds, burial, or essential workers.

For the case of travel and tourism, it seemed very hard to regulate local tourism. Anyone who had money could connive with a tour company to hire a car that would allow them to cross districts as though they were tourists. This was one of the many reasons the government only permitted foreign tourists to move.

It should be noted, even those allowed to move cannot move beyond the curfew time of 7:00 pm unless they are essential workers or cargo trucks. Tourists should note that the curfew applies to them too.

Visiting National Parks

All national parks and game reserves in Uganda are open regardless of the lockdown. You can also visit tourist attractions in Kampala regardless of the lockdown. However, you can only do this with a licensed tour operator.
One of the frequently asked questions regards gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are fully operational. Gorilla trekking is still going on smoothly in these national parks. All you need is to take caution of the S.O.Ps; wearing a face mask, social distancing, and sanitizing

Hotels, Lodges, And Grocery Shops

All hotels, lodges, and grocery shops are open. You should not worry about where to sleep, simply get in touch with your preferred hotel or lodge. It should be noted, some lodges and hotels went out of business due to the 2020 lockdown while others are not in a position to provide the services they used to offer before.

Therefore, it is advised to leave enough room for surprises.

Airport Transfers

Entebbe international airport is still open. This means that there is a likelihood that your flight will arrive after curfew time. This should not worry you. Airport transfers are allowed even after 7:00 pm. All you need is to check in with an airport hotel or get in touch with your tour operator to organize an airport Transfer.

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions and Requirements

Everyone entering Uganda is required to have a negative PCR test acquired not later than 72 hours before your arrival in Uganda. You are also required to have a negative PCR certificate to board your flight out of Uganda.

You need to check with your airline policy to confirm the terms and conditions that apply in case you cannot get on your booked flight after testing positive for Covid-19.

Land Borders

All Uganda’s land borders are open for tourists. In case you wish to cross to Kenya or Tanzania; you will need a licensed tourist vehicle. Please note; Uganda-Rwanda borders are still closed