Uganda Self Drive Rhino Safari 2022

Uganda Self Drive Rhino Safari

Rhinos are the second largest land mammals after the African Elephants. There is a total of 5 rhino species in the whole world. Two of these are African Rhinos while the other three are Asian rhino species.

African Rhino Species

There are two African Rhino species still in existence; the white southern Rhino and the black rhinos. The northern white rhinos got extinct in 2018; fortunately scientists are working around the clock to incubate and re-introduce the northern white rhinos.  It is believed that if this experiment succeeds, it will help in preserving other white rhinos too.

The southern white rhinos are the largest species of rhinos weighing between 1 800 to 3 000 kilograms and an Average height of 1.5 to 1.8 meters. The 3 tonnes weight makes the southern white rhinos the second largest mammal species on the earth’s surface. The black rhinos on the other hand do not even grow to half the weight of a well grown southern white rhino. However they are relatively the same height.

Rhinos in Uganda

One of the most common questions any tourist interested in rhinos is likely to ask is; “are there rhinos in Uganda?” The obvious answer is; Uganda is home a total of population of 33 southern white rhinos while the black rhinos went extinct. Of these 33 rhinos in Uganda, 31 are found at Ziwa rhino sanctuary while two are found at Uganda wildlife conservation education center Entebbe.

Uganda wildlife Conservation Education Center   

Therefore anyone interested in a rhino trip in Uganda, is likely to visit either Ziwa rhino sanctuary or Uganda wildlife conservation education center. Uganda wildlife conservation education center is often despised by tourists because it is a zoo and the only two rhinos available have failed to breed. But since this place is located 15 minutes drive from Entebbe international airport, it one of the places we would highly recommend for a rhino safari in Uganda.

It is not common to visit  Uganda wildlife conservation education center to only see one animal species, but if you are the kind that loves to spot rhinos only for any personal reasons; you are likely not to spend more than one hour in Uganda wildlife conservation education center. However you will also have to the opportunity to spot giraffes, cheetahs, lions, leopards, pythons, crocodiles, chimpanzees, baboons, elephants, impalas among several other animal species.

The beauty with Uganda wildlife conservation education center is; it has its own accommodation, restaurant, bar and beach. We often recommend that you spend the night in Uganda wildlife education center to spot a few animals. Whenever you spend a night a Uganda wildlife conservation education center, you do not have to spend the entrance fees since all these a covered with in your accommodation charges.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is the most popular rhino destination in Uganda. It started with a total of 6 rhinos; four of these came from Solio ranch in Kenya while two of the six rhinos were donated by Disney animal kingdom in America. As of 2020, Ziwa rhino sanctuary has a total of 31 rhinos giving you a variety of rhinos to spot during your walk unlike Uganda wildlife education center in Entebbe.

1 Day Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Itinerary.

Rhino tracking is not a common practice in Uganda, it is often overshadowed by activities such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking and lion tracking. However; over the years, rhino tracking has always been considered a major enroute activity for Murchison falls hikes, boat cruise and game drives.

Including all the above activities in your itinerary might take you a week or more. You might also consider some of the following itineraries for your self-drive; 8 Day Uganda Self-drive Tour, 10 Days Wildlife Safari, 12 Day Best Uganda Safari, 14 Day Gorillas and Wildlife and 15 Day Self Drive Tour

Tour description

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary grants you a walk through the savanna and swamps to spot the rhinos in their semi-natural habitat. It is at Ziwa rhino sanctuary that you will complete your cycle of spotting Africa’s big five in Uganda.


You will set off from either Kampala at 7:00am or 6:30am at Entebbe after an early breakfast. It is often recommended to shop a few snacks to crunch on during the drive at least the evening before.

You will then proceed to Kampala Jinja high way for a three to four hours drive. This will give you an opportunity to find the rhinos still active in the process of feeding. In case you reach in the afternoon because of un-foreseen challenges, you are likely to find the rhinos resting. You can have your lunch at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

The main highlights of this trip include; spotting African homesteads, village life styles, local markets, fruits and vegetables along the road, shoe bill trek, conoe rides and finally spotting the southern white rhinos.

Fees to put in consideration

  • Car hire (Between US$50 and US$200)
  • Entry/Admission – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (US$50 for adults and US$25 for the children)
  • Accommodation ( Between US$15 and US$250 per night)
  • Plane ticket

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