Uganda Self Drive Photography Safaris

Self Drive Photography Safaris

Photography can be thought of as a way of capturing scenes and memories that can never be explained or expressed through words. Every time people go anywhere for a visit, photography seems to be an impulse activity that anyone who has a smart phone has actually participated in photography at one point.

Photography safaris are often scheduled based on what you consider as the main object of the photos; for instance, you might be interested in simply wildlife and landscapes as the main object of your photos while you would also wish to be the main object in most of the photos.

Wildlife and Landscape Photography on a Self Drive Safari

Anyone interested in taking photos of wildlife and landscape will obviously require a good camera. Secondly he will require a car that either has a pop up roof or a sunroof for better photography.

This kind of photography is doable even among self drive lone travelers. You will not need to be one of the objects in the photos; implies, you only need to remain behind your camera as you capture some of the best photos of wildlife and landscapes.

The most recommended national parks in Uganda for the self drive wildlife and landscape photography include; Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Lake Mburo National park, and Kidepo Valley national park.

The other national parks are good for photography however some parts of these parks are only for nature walks, and primate trekking. Primate tracking is also a good opportunity for photography of some of the rare primates such as golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys among several other primates.

Capture Yourself Photography

In order to enjoy your trip to the best, we recommend you hire photography to capture every moment of your trip. In this case you are gifted with photos that were captured when you are totally unaware.

To capture every moment of your trip, the photography take note of each of your step to the point that at the end of the trip, you have over 200 photos at your disposal.

Cars Recommend For Self Drive Photography

Cars are recommended according to the number of people on the trip. We recommend a 5 door Rav4 sun roof for 2paxs; it also leaves you with enough space in case you wish to carry a photographer along with.

4x4 Self Dive Uganda - Rav4

The sunroof gives you a chance to take your own photos of wildlife while the hired photographer focuses on you during the trip.

We recommend a Land cruiser TX/TZ/V8/GX for 3 and 4pax, however in case you consider to hire a photographer; you might have to consider it as a 3pax in order to leave you enough space for your luggage.

We recommend a Land cruiser extended for 7pax. In this case, the driver can double as a photographer. Drivers who do photography often charge US$60 extra for photography.

Best Time Of the Year For a Photography Safari

There is no specific time of the year that we can recommend as the best for photography self drive safaris. The only thing we can recommend is considering whether you wish to travel in the wet season or dry season; whether you wish to travel in the peak season or low season.

Packages of Self drive Safaris

In self drive photography safaris, there are often two packages that exist; hiring a photographer only and hiring a driver who doubles as a photographer.

It costs you extra money if you hire a driver photographer. It might be a little be cheaper if you hire simply a professional photographer who does not double as a driver.