Uganda Gas (Fuel) rates

Gasoline and Diesel Rates in Uganda

Statistics might not be an easy thing to attain in a society with alarming rates of corruption. However a little experience in the industry would help us better understand the real things that matter. Sometimes to have the facts right, you might have to do the research or survey by yourself. But with thumbs up from foreign reports such as CNN, NYTimes among other media houses would help us better understand the state of tourism in Uganda.

Though some of these sources might not be fully appreciated in their home countries in regard to fair presentation of matters; we want to believe they have fairly presented what Uganda has to offer even in conclusions of under-representation. With Uganda becoming a popular destination, there several people who opt for self drive in Uganda. To these; one of the most important thing in costing their trip is fuel/Gas regardless of whether they are self driving in Uganda or hiring a car with a driver.

Uganda Gas/ Fuel Quality

All the cars in Uganda use only two types of fuel; either Gasoline or Diesel. In some other countries, the fuel can be further classified in regard to quality but this is not relatively the case in Uganda so we have something in that line to relate. Gas stations such as Total, Stabex, City Oil among several others deal in both Diesel and Gasoline fuel in Uganda.

However there is a line of distinction when it comes to Shell, it has some unique type of fuel called V-Power. This is actually what sets it apart from all the other gas stations since it also sells fuel with relatively the same quality as other fuel stations but it has a the special kind that beats all the other fuel types known as V-Power. I remember one day we had a problem of consuming poor quality fuel from a certain petrol station until the whole tank had to emptied. To do the excellent system cleansing, we had to use Shell V-Power.

Therefore in regard to Fuel quality, Shell is highly recommended above all other gas stations. Other gas stations in its league include: Total, Stabex, and City Oil.

Uganda Gas/Fuel Payment Means

Unlike in most of the western countries where fuel pumps are customer operated, in Uganda you will always have someone to help you do the fueling when you reach the fuel station. So this raises another question in regard to payment. How do I pay the person helping me to do this job? Can’t I just do it myself and save on this expense?

The person offering you this service is always paid by the Gas station to do that work. Worthy noting; Uganda is mainly a cash economy; in most cases you will have to make the payment for Gas in cash. However there are some gas stations that accept VISA cards and MasterCard. Without disappointment these include; Shell and Total. It is only a few of the other gas stations that allow online payments but things are changing every day. So it is recommended to first ask whether online payments are allowed or not in any other gas station that is neither shell or Total.

On the other hand, if you are hiring a car with a car rental company, you can inquire whether they can get you a  fuel card since it free of charge. Some gas stations such as Total and Shell offer fuel cards their customers can use to buy fuel without using cash. These cards come with a few discounts and promotional offers that you can try your luck upon.

Hours of Operation

Most of the gas stations operate 24/7. However the only service they offer 24/7 is fuel. All the other services that gas stations offer besides fuel often start by 8:00 am (8hrs) and end exactly at 8:00 pm (20hrs)

Gas Rates in Uganda 2020

Uganda gasoline rates range between UGX 3600 and UGX4100. You are likely to find shell with the highest fuel rates because of V-Power followed by Total. Sometimes you have to avoid being moved by the fuel rates and focus on the quality of fuel. Some car rental companies are specific on which gas stations you are allowed to consume fuel from.

Diesel Rates in Uganda 2020

Most of the safari cars in Uganda use diesel with the exception of a few which are only popular in self drive safaris such as the Land cruiser V8 and Land cruiser Prado. Diesel rates in Uganda range between UGX 3200 and UGX3500. These also vary from one gas station to another.


In order to properly budget for your fuel, consider the engine size and the type of fuel it consumes. Most of the small cars travel a distance between 450km and 600km for a full tank. The variation is mainly created by the road conditions. It is only on a high way with conscience driving that you can hit 600km with a full tank. Some cars have a double tanks which are often an added advantage.