Source of the Nile 2020

Source of the Nile Self Drive

Many scholars, tour operators, itinerary planners, and fun authors have taken into account to explore the source of the life giving river of Africa; “The Nile”. With some of its gashing streams in the pearl of Africa, some researchers have deduced that Tanzanian lakes and streams are also some of the sources of this great river.

To cut the debate short, you take a clear look through a satellite image; the separation between Africa’s biggest fresh water lake and Africa’s longest river is clearly seen. Exploring this mystery might leave you with the same conclusion the late Churchill came to; “Uganda, the pearl of Africa.”

The river flows from Uganda, northwards to South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt emptying itself into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile flows through four major cities; Jinja, Cairo, Juba, and Khartoum.

We might not agree on what truly the source of the Nile is; but without being patriot I can boldly say; the source of the Nile is in Jinja town. Unfortunately; most tourism authors tend to dive deeper into Jinja town than exploring the source of the Nile in Jinja. But what should you expect at the source of the Nile?

Of course Uganda is mostly known for its fallen president Idi Amin and the mountain gorillas. But it is only Idi Amin that peradventure has a history with the source of the Nile but that will be a tale for another day. Above the bewildering Uganda lakes and Jungle safaris, below are some of the things to expect when you visit the source of the Nile;

Boat Cruise

After clearing the entrance fees; the walk in guest kind will be welcomed by a number of tour guides who will be waiting to offer their services at a negotiable fee. Among these services will include booking for you a book trip to the source of the Nile.

Yes!! You have to get on the boat to see the actual source of the Nile. The fee for the boat cruise will depend on the service provider. Expect not to go below US$15 for a group boat ride to the source of the Nile.

The guide will obviously give you every detail he or she has on their disposal. But if you go with preconceived questions, you will either enjoy the trip more if at all your questions are answered or a beat disappointed if you meet a junior tour guide who lacks some of the facts.

Art, Crafts and Souvenirs

The first thing you will see when taking your first steps to the waters will be; African crafts, African art and souvenirs in terms of arm bands, T-shirts, Pants and anything wearable.

If it is your first time to Africa, it is at this point that you have to exercise your self control skills to restraint yourself from buying almost everything. One of the most tempting to buy is the T-shirts with a message. For instance, “My name is not Muzunga!” among other souvenirs

Bars and Restaurants

Most of the Ugandans would agree that the source of the Nile is one of their favorite hung outs. Ugandans are fond of bars, food and music; any place that has those three items would obviously attract most of the Ugandans and this is not an exception when it comes to the source of the Nile.

There is only one source of the Nile, no equivalent for Breakfast, lunch or dinner at the source of the Nile. There are about five bars and two restaurants besides the Nile waters. The best scenery would be the breakfast when the day is breaking or an evening cocktail with which you can exercise your photography skills.

Every day is a holiday at the source of the Nile. Beautiful sun dawn photos at the source of the Nile are also exclusive to the Nile river source. Though if you are the kind who is not comfortable with music, then your stay will be interrupted.

Camping at the Source of the Nile

Camping is one of the cheapest activities to consider for anyone who loves adventure. At the source; Nile Park offers meals, camping gear and a camping ground that oversees Lake Victoria, River Nile and its source.

However; entrance fees to the source of the Nile remain compulsory even when you are only going for camping at the source of the Nile.

Nile Park

Nile Park offers a mini Zoo at the source of the Nile where some of Uganda reptiles such as crocodiles, cobras, pythons cannot miss out on the list. The park is open daily to both local and foreign tourists.

Mahatma Gandhi Monument

It would be unfair for me to tell you the whole story of Mahatma Gandhi in this article, but at least you have heard of the father of the Nation of India; and for some reasons that the guide will share with you, his ashes had to be poured at the source of the Nile. His monument is one of the things that stand out at the source of the Nile.

Hotels at the Source

There are no hotels at the source of the Nile, but there are hotel next to the source of the Nile. These include but not limited to; Source of the Nile hotel, Nile resort among other hotels.

How to get there

The source of the Nile is located about 115 kilometers from Kampala. With the aid of Google maps, maps me or a hard copy map, you can access the source of the Nile from the new Nile Bridge via Nalufenya or Kira road. The source is found off Bridge Street to Cliff Street.

The source of the Nile is a few meters from Jinja golfing grounds. It can be accessed through public transport means or self drive rentals though it recommend to hire with a driver to save the time you might waste looking for this place.