Self Drive Zebra Safaris in Uganda

Inequality and survival threats among other life challenges have moved a number of international stakeholders to host special days in recognition of a certain threat, danger, or inequality. International days are often hosted for two major reasons; to mark how far the world has come in solving a particular problem as well as to raise awareness in an attempt to tackle a given issue.

31st January is the international day for Zebras. We choose to take a different turn slightly from what has already been shared by many on this special zebra day. Uganda is home to the common or Plain Zebras. These are distributed among four major locations in Uganda which can all be visited on a self drive safari in Uganda 

Lake Mburo National Park

Each national park in Uganda has its main icon. In the case of Lake Mburo national park, many are often torn between the Impalas and the Zebras. Lake Mburo is the best place to encounter Zebras in Uganda. Given the option of walking safaris, there is a game reserve or national park in Uganda that comes close to Lake Mburo and is offering the best Zebra safaris.

The Zebras in Uganda are not so much threatened given the fact that they can co-exist with many other animals. However, their calmness does not save them from predators such as hyenas. But the gentleness of the Zebras can easily fool you into thinking that they are not deadly at all. The Zebra has one of the strongest kicks making it one of the most deadly animals in the wild.

Lake Mburo national park can be accessed within a five hours drive from Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Kidepo Valley National Park

A true African wilderness experience is synonymous with Kidepo valley national park. Though the park is well known for the large herds of Buffaloes, and elephants among other big game, Zebras are also found in the same national park.

Unlike Lake Mburo which is very accessible. Kidepo valley would require you to have a minimum of three days at your disposal. But a game drive in Kidepo valley national park would be more rewarding if you are interested in seeing more big game.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Pian Upe wildlife reserve is another place in Uganda that rarely receives visitors due to its location. It is not far from Kidepo valley national park. The landscapes are not such much different from those of Kidepo valley national park.

The reserve is also not so much accessible during the rainy season because of the road condition. But you can still visit it in July and August. Zebras are so in big numbers like it is in Lake Mburo national park but Pian Upe is a good enough wilderness to give you a Unique safari experience garnished with the sights and sounds of Zebras.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife reserves are not popular safari destinations in Uganda. In fact, if you wish to explore the best of Uganda’s parks and reserves, you should always put the wildlife reserves at the forefront. The only challenge most of these wildlife reserves face is the fact that most of them do not have a big games.

But if your interest is in Zebras and antelopes, there is no good reason to consider some national parks over reserves. Katonga wildlife reserve is one of the four places where you can find plain zebras in Uganda.

Unlike Pian Upe game reserve and Kidepo valley national park; Katonga reserve is relatively accessible. If you prefer something more remote, Katonga reserve serves both the purpose of remoteness and accessibility. Therefore, if you are interested in a self drive safari for Zebras in Uganda, at least one of the above four places should feature on your itinerary.