Self Drive And Mountain Biking Uganda Adventure

It is not abnormal to find yourself caught between two experiences that might seem close to impossible to bind the two together. But of course, it is for the same reason that we share our experiences about the amazing pearl of Africa so that people may know what is really possible even though it might seem impossible on a mere gaze.

In the course of providing our self-drive car rental services in Uganda; we have interfaced with a number of people that wish to carry out a number of activities that might require you to park your car aside. Among these activities include hikes, boat cruises, Island visits, and mountain biking among other activities.

Leaving out all the other activities, let us focus on how you can execute a mountain biking adventure during your Uganda self-drive safari.

Mountain Biking During a Self Drive Safari

It should be noted; mountain biking is one of the many activities that require prior booking. The terrains tend to differ thus the experience is also never the same. You have a wide range of terrains to consider; from forest mountain biking to city/town mountain biking, community tour biking, and national park biking.


Unless you are a professional rider, it might be a little bit hard to drive around Uganda on a bike. But it is very possible to have a combination of a self-drive safari with mountain biking. This requires you to have a mountain biking circuit. In case you are considering a non-circuit itinerary, then you might have to consider hiring a car with a driver in Uganda.

Forest Mountain Biking

Uganda is gifted by nature. There are a number of forested areas that are rarely considered for mountain biking simply because someone has never arranged a package around a given area. But places such as Mabira forest offer a unique forest mountain biking experience.

In case you were considering a self-drive safari in Uganda, you could easily leave your car at your lodge in Mabira forest or Ssezibwa falls so that you can proceed to execute your forest mountain biking adventure.

 Community Tour Mountain Biking

Community mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore communities in Uganda. Areas around Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Ssezibwa falls, Karamanjong communities, and a lot more communities can be explored by mountain biking.

It should be noted; during your self-drive safari to Bwindi, Kidepo, or Jinja; you will have to park your car at one point to execute a mountain biking adventure around the communities. You can check-in for a biking trip by contacting the biking adventure companies in the different areas.

For instance; Kara-Tunga is the go-to company in case you are considering a mountain biking adventure in Moroto, and around Kidepo national park. There are other companies that focus on communities around national parks such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Lake Mburo National park, Queen Elizabeth National park among several other community-based mountain biking adventures.

City/Town Mountain Biking

Entebbe town is one of the most popular towns mountain biking destinations. It offers a mix of community and town mountain biking.

With tourist attractions such as Entebbe botanical gardens, Uganda wildlife conservation education center, Reptile village among other destinations; Entebbe offers you an experience of a quiet, calm mountain biking adventure.

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There are a number of lodges and guesthouses that offer mountain biking on top of the accommodation services. Before considering a massage, you can consider attempting a mountain biking experience around Entebbe town.

Other mountain biking destinations include but not limited to Kampala, Jinja, Masaka, and Kabale

National Park Mountain Biking

Lake Mburo national park has for a long time been one of the most popular national park mountain biking destinations. Other national parks to consider for your national park mountain biking experience in Uganda include; Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley national park, and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

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In order to execute a mountain biking adventure in any of these national parks during your self-drive safari in Uganda; you will need to book a package with one of the mountain biking tour operators.  It will be like the Rwenzori mountaineering adventure which will require you to park your car aside and embark on a different adventure.