Rav4 Self Drive-Uganda Safari

Self Drive With a Rav4 Model 1996

There are many things we consider when choosing or classifying a car as good. This varies from person to person; but when it comes to making choices for a safari car, sometimes experience would override your choices and definition of what a good car is.

It has already been proven that one of the things you need when considering a safari car is the 4×4 also known as four-wheel drive. This may vary; either full time or simply engaged when needed.

A Rav4 is one of the most popular budget-friendly safari vehicles in Uganda. In this article, we share with you why and what to look out for in a Rav4.

5 Door Rav4 Specifications

Often at times, whenever the specifications of the car are shared, they are shared using car technical terms that only leave the reader with a fuzzy conclusion of what the specifications are trying to put across. It is for this reason that we chose to identify are few things that can be understood by anyone driving a car yet essential whenever someone is choosing a car for self-drive.

Fuel Tank Size

The size of the fuel tank is always directly proportional to the Engine strength and size. Fuel tanks are often measured in relation to how much mileage (distance driven) you can get without refilling your fuel tank. This is usually a range of 500km to 600km per full tank regardless of the car.

The 5 door Rav4 has a tank size of 60 liters

Type of Fuel

A Rav4 uses gasoline; therefore you might have been considering the fact that gasoline is always slightly more expensive than diesel.

Fuel Consumption

After identifying that a Rav4 uses gasoline, you might have to look into its consumption rate. The car has a tank of 60 liters costing you about US$70 to US$85 for a full tank. But this depends on the type of fuel you buy and when you buy it from.

With a full tank, you can go up to 600 kilometers on a high and a minimum of 450 kilometers on rough roads.

Radio and Mp3 Player

A 5 door Rav4 comes with a CD player, Mp3 USB compatible player, AUX and FM radio to tune in to local radio stations. It has stereo speakers; this makes it necessary to put additional speakers to enhance the sound with Bass.

However, its sound is enough for a smooth day-long drive off the highway.


All the windows of a 5 door Rav4 are fully automated, however, the driver has a child-lock button to keep all the windows and doors locked and controlled only by the driver’s central lock.

Car Color

4×4 Rav4, Stick Gear, Model 1999

The 5 door Rav4 is usually available in mainly three colors; Maroon, Blue, and Grey. In case you are the kind who is specific on color, those are usually the three options you have at your disposal.


Rooftop tent

5 door Rav4s are compatible with roof top tents, however, they use slightly a smaller roof top tent size compared to the Land cruisers V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser GX and Land cruiser VX.

This type of Rav4 is often considered for couples intending to do ground camping. However apparently in Uganda; there is no company that offers Rav4s with rooftop tents, therefore you might have to go for ground camping.

Car Roof

A 5 door Rav4 is available in mainly two roof categories; sunroofs and hard top. We do not know of any company in Uganda or East Africa that offers Rav4s with pop roofs.

Spare tire

The car usually comes with one spare tire. It is not common to get a flat tire on a safari in Uganda unless there have been neglected cases of a puncture to necessitate a change in tires.

We usually recommend repairing any flat tire on the nearby gas station just in case you experience another flat tire during your safari.

Gear Shift

The 5 door Rav4 is usually a full-time automatic gear shift; however, they are also available in the manual gear shift.  You should simply specify which one you would specifically be interested in when making your inquiry.

Trunk Space

A 5 door Rav4 comes with a trunk space of 37.5 cubic feet fit to carry two passenger luggage and camping gear for two.

Seating Space

The car has a five-seater capacity. But considering the leg space for the back seats; we often recommend two passengers. This also gives you space for your electric cooler box.


There are several car sites such as cars.com offering reviews of several cars. One of the things that stand out about the reviews for a Rav4 is; reliable, dependable, economical and unbeatable on rough roads compared to most of the small cars in its category.

TripAdvisor also has a number of reviews from people who have hired a 3 door and 5 door Rav4 for self-drive in Uganda.