Leather Seats Or Fabric Seats: Car Rentals In Uganda

The choice between leather seats and fabric seats in a car ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a car with leather seats or fabric during your self-drive safari in Uganda.


Leather seats are often considered more luxurious and can provide a smoother and more comfortable seating experience. However, some parts of Uganda are relatively hot. The leather seats might get a little bit uncomfortable after driving for four hours or more on a hot day.

If you are visiting places such as Murchison Falls and Kidepo valley national park; you might have to think twice when considering a car that has leather seats. Some people find fabric seats to be more breathable and less prone to getting hot in warm weather.

Easy To Clean

It often gets dusty during several road trips in Uganda. Choosing seats that are easy to dust is always a recommended option. Leather chairs are easier to dust than fabric chairs. This is also a very important aspect when you are attempting to choose between Fabric and leather chairs on your Uganda road trip.

In this regard, cars with non-leather fabric will turn out to be more comfortable when visiting the northern part of Uganda; Murchison falls national park and Kidepo valley national park.

Beverage Spills

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Uganda but passengers are not prohibited from drinking in a transit car. Whether you are taking alcoholic beverages or simply soft drinks; it is very common for drinks to spill accidentally. Leather seats save you from getting your chairs wet thus a better choice than other fabric chairs.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Leather chairs exude a heightened aesthetic appeal that surpasses that of fabric chairs. The allure of leather seats is further amplified when complemented by the other elements of the car’s interior design. In direct comparison to fabric chairs, leather chairs are widely regarded as visually superior and possess an inherent charm that captivates many individuals.

Those who prefer the Fabric chairs often look out for the African fabric designs that make the chairs look too unique. In an attempt to cultural appreciation, some people tend to find African fabric chairs more appealing.

Ultimately, weigh these factors against your personal preferences,  and the specific conditions in which you’ll be using the car. Take a test drive in both types of cars if possible to determine which one feels more comfortable and suits your needs that is if the car rental agency gives you a chance.