Land Cruiser V8 Self Drive

Land Cruiser V8

The Land Cruiser V8 is one of the most comfortable safari cars available for self-drive safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. The V8 is often classified among the luxurious vehicles partly because of its comfort, fuel consumption, interior, and horsepower/strength. Below are a few highlights of the Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser V8 Specifications

Specifications are some times presented in a very mechanical language that often fails many people to really understand what is being communicated through the specifications. Below are some of the specifications of a V8 in your every day/layman language.

Land cruiser V8 Self Drive Uganda

Fuel Tank Size

The Land Cruiser V8 has a tank size of 90 Liters. However some Land cruiser V8 cars are modified to have a reserve tank making it go up to  150 liters or more.

Type of Fuel

A Land cruiser V8 uses gasoline; however, as most of the clients say; the car is relatively thirsty; therefore you must consider a sizable budget on fuel.

Fuel Consumption

The common consumption among Land cruiser V8s is Gasoline. A full tank can take you between 500km and 600km depending on the road condition and how you manage your acceleration and speed brakes.

Radio and Mp3 Player

The Land Cruiser V8 has some of the best-inbuilt car speakers compatible with Aux, Fm, Bluetooth, and TV. You can carry extra CDs and flash disk videos to watch from the comfort of your car


The car windows are semi/fully automatic; just a button away for control purposes. The car only has four windows that can be opened and two windows are closed full time.

The windows can also be locked from the driver seat central lock

Car Color

The Land Cruiser V8 exists mainly in five colors; White, Green, Maroon, and black. We often recommend clients to specify the color of the car they wish to have in case they are the kind that is specific on color.

Rooftop tent

The land cruiser V8 is one of the most recommended safari cars with a rooftop tent. However, the compatibility of a rooftop tent makes it impossible for you to use the pop-up roof and sunroof.

Depending on how the rooftop tent is installed, the sunroof can be used.

Car Roof

The Land Cruiser V8 roof exists in three categories; Hardtop, sunroof and pop up roof. However, the compatibility of a sunroof and pop up roof might not be of use in case you have a rooftop tent.

Spare tire

The car comes with one spare tire. However upon request, a second spare tire is often offered.

Gear Shift

The Land Cruiser V8 has both semi-automatic and automatic gear shift. However at 4x4uganda we only offer semi-automatic gear shift for the Land Cruiser V8

Trunk Space

The Land Cruiser V8 has the biggest trunk among all luxurious Land Cruiser SUVs. Even without removing the back seat, the car remains with a space for carrying camping gear, and luggage for four people.

Seating Space

The V8 has a 7 seater capacity. However often at times, it is used as a 5 seater by removing some of the back seats to increase the trunk space. We often recommend it for groups of four. This is because the fifth person cannot have access to a window seat.


The land cruiser V8 is an expensive car, for this reason, it is not common to find it poor mechanical condition since it is often driven by those who respect its view. Most of the Land Cruiser V8 will be 5star because of its comfort and horsepower. However several complaints arise over its high fuel consumption rate.