Land cruiser TX/TZ Uganda Self drive

Land Cruiser TX/TZ Self drive

Comfort is often the final punch in the gut when it comes to car selection on any given day, but excellence in safari car hire is defined by how comfortable a car is and how best it can make it through tough terrains. All this is also determined by how much money you have at your disposal to fit the budget of a Rav4, Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser Hard top or Land cruiser extended.

The Land cruiser TX/TZ fit the midrange category in safari car hire, but what is so special about these two cars!

Land cruiser TX/TZ

At this point you might be already asking why I am not speaking of the difference between the two cars! Actually there is no serious difference between the two cars apart from the Land cruiser TZ having an air conditioner (AC) on the dash board and in the back seats.

Land Cruiser TX, Manual Gear, With Pop-up Roof

The Land cruiser TX’s AC is only at the dash board. You might find reviews discussing the difference in the engines which is true however this is a minor difference that can be neglected in most cases.

In conclusion, the Land cruiser TZ is slightly stronger than the Land cruiser TX but because it is a mild difference; we tend to ignore it and focus on the vast specifications they have in common.

Fuel Type

The Land cruiser TX/TZ is available in both diesel engines and Gasoline engines. It all depends on which type of car fuel you would prefer; that is either diesel because it is cheaper or gasoline because it is more reliable.

Fuel Tank Size

The Land cruiser TX/TZ has a fuel tank of 90 liters. Regardless of whether it is diesel or petrol; the fuel tank has a fuel capacity of 90 liters.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel is measured in terms of how much an engine can consume per kilometer or mile. This is usually determined by the strength of the car. In other words, the stronger the car, the more fuel it consumes.

In passenger vehicles; that is; cars that seat 2 to 7 people, a full tank is likely to take you between 500km to 600km depending on the road conditions.

For the Land cruiser TX/TZ, a full tank will take you between at worst 450 kilometers and 550 kilometers. But the usual consumption is 500km to 600km for a full tank. This will cost you between US$90 and US$100 depending on the gas station you buy from.

Radio and Mp3 Player

The car comes with an FM radio, USB and CD player to play your choice kind of music for your Uganda safari.

Air Conditioner (AC)

The Land cruiser TX’s only has the AC ventilation on the dash board while the Land cruiser TZ has AC ventilation on the dash board and around the roof corners.


The windows are fully automated. The central lock for the windows is at the driver’s seat door.

Car Color

The car comes in mainly four colors; Green, Blue, Black and white. However in rare safari cases, you are likely to find the maroon land cruisers.

Car Roof

The Land cruisers TX/TZ come mainly in three roof categories; the pop up roof, the hard top roof and the Sun roof. It is advisable to make your choice of the roof clear; however sometimes the pop up roof/safari roof is charged slightly higher than the other roofs.

Roof Top Tent

You can hire the Land cruiser TX/TZ with a roof top tent at about US$20 to US$25 on top of the car hire fees. This usually comes along with camping gear of up to a maximum of four people.

Toyota Prado with Roof Top Tent

Companies usually offer the same cars with two roof top tents upon request.

Spare Tire

The car comes with one spare tire. You can request for the second spare tire depending on your itinerary. However sometimes you might be charged extra for the second spare time.

Gear Shift

The car is available in automatic gear shift as well as stick/manual gear shift. You will only need to notify your self drive service provider on which type of gear shift you exactly need.

Trunk Space

The car has an option of expanding the trunk space of the car by removing the two backpacker seats. It also helps to create more space for luggage


Whenever you are hiring a Land cruiser TX/TZ, you might to specify whether you need it with a cooler box or an electric fridge. You can possibly get a cooler box at no extra cost but for the fridge, you are likely to chip in US$5 or more depending on the car hire company you are considering.

Seating Space

The Land cruiser TX/TZ is a seven seater car. It has five passenger seats and 2 backpacker seats. We often recommend it for groups of three to four tourists. You have to consider the fifth seat for the ranger in the park.

The two back packer seats can be removed to create more space for the luggage.


Most of the self drive reviews are for either the 5 door Rav4 or for the Land cruiser TX/TZ. We often recommend groups of three to four people; to use the land cruiser TX/TZ for their self drive safaris in Uganda and all around East Africa.