Here Is A Cheaper Alternative To Sipi Falls

If you’re an avid adventurer seeking to explore the breathtaking beauty of Uganda without burning a hole in your pocket, Bulambuli should be on your radar. While Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa district is a well-known hiking destination, a hidden gem lies within a one-hour drive from Mbale city—Bulambuli waterfalls.

This article unveils an affordable alternative to the famed Sipi Falls, offering a series of stunning waterfalls that are yet to be fully discovered by many. A few people have found it unfair to pay for Sipi Falls yet even the information about these waterfalls is quite limited. A better alternative is within reach more so for those who have heard about Sisiyi Falls. It is in the same locality that you will find other waterfalls that many of the residents refer to as their waterfalls. (Not tourist waterfalls)

There are are series of four waterfalls but only one of these four waterfalls will likely capture your attention. Here is a little more about these four waterfalls in Bulambuli District.

Gibanyi Waterfalls: A Hidden Delight

Akin to the views of Sipi Falls, Gibanyi Waterfalls provide a mesmerizing sight. A 2-hour hike will take you to the pinnacle of Gibanyi Waterfalls. The trail is well-paved, allowing for hiking even after heavy rain. For those with a fear of heights, a visit to the bottom of the falls is a great alternative, providing a spectacular experience without the anxiety of heights.

Golobetei Waterfalls: Nature’s Scenic Haven

Although not as tall as Gibanyi Waterfalls, Golobetei Waterfalls boasts a scenic allure that captivates visitors. If you decide to hike to the top of Gibanyi Waterfalls, a stop at Golobetei Waterfalls along the trail is a must. The first waterfall on the main trail to Gibanyi, Golobetei’s beauty is a prelude to the grandeur awaiting at the top.

Nakifumbuko Waterfalls: A Grandeur to Behold

Slightly larger than Gibanyi Waterfalls, Nakifumbuko Waterfalls are a marvel to behold. While it might not be possible to visit all waterfalls using a single trail, the starting point of your hike offers a glimpse of these awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Gibuzare Waterfalls: The Crown Jewel

The crown jewel of the Bulambuli district, Gibuzare Waterfalls, boasts unmatched views in the region. A visit here is a must for anyone exploring Eastern Uganda. Unlike other waterfalls, the trail to Gibuzare meanders through gardens, adding to the adventure. The two waterfalls in the Gibuzare area present unique experiences—the major waterfall resembling Sipi Falls and a minor waterfall with easily crossable streams. The hidden bottom of the falls provides an almost surreal encounter, akin to the top of Sipi Falls, but on a smaller scale.

Budget-Friendly Adventure Awaits in Bulambuli

Bulambuli offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty without breaking the bank. With Gibanyi, Golobetei, Nakifumbuko, and Gibuzare waterfalls waiting to be explored, a visit to Bulambuli promises an unforgettable adventure. Whether you opt for a moderate hike or prefer a leisurely stroll, Bulambuli’s waterfalls guarantee a memorable experience, making it a fantastic and cost-effective alternative to the more famous Sipi Falls.

Always plan to leave before dark. There are no lodges or hotels in this area. However, if you hire a car with a rooftop tent, you can spend a night in someone’s home. The people there are welcoming and willing to help out in case you need anything.