Uganda Suspends Mandatory Covid-19 Testing Upon Arrival

The ministry of health in Uganda has issued a press release informing the general public that with effect from 16th February 2022, all arriving travelers in Uganda will no longer be subject to a mandatory test. Previously, all travelers were required to pay $30 in order to undergo a mandatory covid-19 test at Entebbe international airport.

According to the Ministry of Health in Uganda; the decision was inspired by a decline in positive cases identified at Entebbe international airport. Secondly, the reduction in the global threat of new variants of concern has also reduced the risk of importation of variants that would have increased community transmission.

New Uganda Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Upon the suspension of the mandatory testing upon arrival, it should be noted that the 72 hours negative PCR test certificate requirement still stands. All travelers to Uganda are required to have in their possession a negative PCR test certificate acquired not later than 72 hours before boarding their flight.

Departing travelers from Uganda are still required to under a go a PCR test at their own cost before leaving the country through Entebbe international airport. The covid-19 test can be done at any of the Ministry of Health accredited laboratories.

PCR Test Cost In Uganda

The PCR test pricing varies from one laboratory to another. For that matter, you simply have to consider a range of $55 to $85. Some laboratories can deliver your results within four hours while others range between 6 hours and 12 hours.

It should be noted that some hotels and guest houses more so in Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja have partnered with the accredited laboratories to offer an in-house Covid-19 PCR test.