Uganda Self Drive Packing List

Simple packing list for a Budget Self Drive Safari

There are so many packing lists out there but they might not serve the purpose of anyone who is attempting a self-drive budget safari in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. In an attempt to select out what to take and what to leave out, below are some of the items you should consider for your budget self-drive packing list. Please note; these tips might not apply to anyone attempting a midrange or upmarket self drive safari

Whether you are considering a budget gorilla safari in Uganda or a budget chimpanzee tracking safari; this article will come in handy. Though some budget gorilla safari lodges might provide better services compared to other budget Uganda safari lodges, you will be on the safe side putting these thoughts into consideration


Whenever you consider a self-drive safari, you are in turn considering almost everything budget. From accommodation, meal, and anything necessary to execute your self-drive safari. In order to avoid irritations that come with using very old towels (old towels are very common in budget accommodation), it is recommended to carry a medium-sized towel for yourself.

This supplements your safari experience since you can pay for laundry services which will also help you clean items like towels. It is also important to note; small towels are very important when cleaning your safari shoes; though you can also pay the hotel for this service.


Some hotels often offer toothbrushes and some popular toothpaste as part of your accommodation package. This is not the case when it comes to budget accommodation. In case you are the kind that is also very allergic, you should never forget to carry your own toothpaste and toothbrush on your self-drive safari.

However much these items are important, they fall in the category of items that you can buy in the stores upon arrival. Unless you are specific on the kind of toothbrush you use, then you might have to carry it from home.


It may sound like repetition when we separate toothpaste from toothbrushes. But there are instances where some people use specific types of toothpaste. To avoid any side effects on your self-drive trip, it is recommended to take extra caution when buying toothpaste for your self-drive trip.

Attempting to use any new types of toothpaste puts you at the risk of getting unfamiliar body reactions which can be avoided by sticking to the toothpaste you know and in order to execute this; carry your own toothpaste from home.


Though self-drive safaris are one of the ways to get out of your comfort zones, it is paramount that you do not leave room for minor irritations when it is in your power to stop them. The worst experience of your safari might be finding sandals that cannot fit you.

To avoid all this discomfort, carry your own fitting sandals since your complaint of non-fitting sandals will obviously be overlooked because of the amount of money you are paying for this service.

Bathing Sponge

Loofas are not really expensive but however cheap they might be, budget lodges do not often offer them. If they do, then you are merely lucky. A bathing sponge should be among those things you can buy in the nearby store upon arrival

Though some people still carry their own bath sponges from home, we often recommend budget travelers to buy them in the nearby store upon arrival at your holiday destination.

Bathing Soap

Most of the budget motels and lodges provide you with bathing soap every day. Unfortunately, if you are the kind that has very reactive skin, ensure that you carry the bathing soap you are used to. Though there are very many things to try out on your safari, soap should not be among them.

Soap allergies might ruin your whole safari experience. Unless you are considering a mid-range lodge or hotel; purpose to carry your own bathing soap.

Power bank

After a long busy day, you always look up to the moment of charging your gadgets. Unfortunately, if you are going to spend a night at a budget motel, power blackouts might be a common occurrence.

A power bank will always be the best alternative in such instances. However this is not to imply that power will not always be available, it is merely a plan b in case the power is off.

Car charger

Self-drive safaris are well known for long transfers. Even without the power bank, the car charger will be your best companion. Most of the self-drive car agents do not provide these chargers. Therefore ensure that you carry your own car charger.

It is also important to confirm with your car service provider whether the charger ports in the car are working. There is nothing as disappointing as having non-operational ports


Whenever you are provided with the bed, bed sheets will obviously be there. However, carrying your own bed sheets gives you an opportunity to change in case you do not find the offered bed sheets comfortable.

Pillows and cushions

You are likely to need some pillows and cushions during your long drive. Sometimes they are very necessary during your camping safaris while in other instances you do not want to share pillows with strangers hence carrying your own.

In regard to the cushions, they are very helpful in tuning your car seat to suit your comfort.

Pin-to-pin car radio cable (Aux cable)

Music is food to the soul. You might not be able to find solace in the local radio stations but you can carry your own music collection. You can also advise on your favorite music, get in touch with a local Dj to make you the best nonstop for your long drive.

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A pin to pin cable is simply for AUX purposes. With this kind of cable, you can connect any music device to your car speakers.