Top 8 Cars Hired in For Self Drive in Kampala

When it comes to Uganda tours, consider renting a car as the best way to go. There are several affordable, reliable and trusted car hire services in Uganda. There is a wide range of vehicles for you to choose right from budget to luxury safari jeeps. They include the saloon cars, Jeeps and safari mini bus and many more.

Below is a list of the top 8 self-drive rental cars to choose for your holiday in Uganda

8) Toyota Rav4

This is a medium Two door and four door Toyota Rav4. It is best for 2 (two) to 5 (five) people. The Toyota Rav4 is best for self drive safaris, picnic vacation, city tours and events in Uganda. They are comfortable and pocket friendly, fuel efficient and very strong even on challenging roads. The price for Rav4 ranges between US$35 to US$60 per day without driver. Car rental agencies such as 4×4 Uganda offer huge discounts to long term rentals.

4x4 Self Dive Uganda - Rav4

7) Sedan car

The Toyota corona/Premio comes in small size and accommodates about 2 (two) to 5 (five) persons. It is the best for self drive between cities, conferences, meetings, events and city tours. It offers the most comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while you drive around the city centre. The Sedan cars suit within the visitors pockets. The rental price ranges between US$25 – US$40 per day without driver.

6) Super Custom

This accommodates from 5 to 8 persons and comes with air conditioning and adequate seat row space. This is equally affordable and offers the most comfortable atmosphere for travelers on safari in Uganda. The rental price for this ranges between US$50 – US$100 per day without driver.

Ferry Crossing – Murchison falls N.P

5) The Nissan patrol / Safari

If you are looking for the bigger 4 wheel drive car that is suitable for bush safaris and bumpy roads, then count the Nisan patrol, the best choice for you. This type of safari car takes from 3 to 5 visitors with adequate space for visitors’ luggage. There is also Nissan Patrol / Safari extended version taking up to 7 persons. The rental rate for Nissan Patrol or Safari ranges between US$70 and US$150 per day without driver.

4) Toyota Prado (TX, TZ)

The Land Cruiser Prado 4×4 safari car is best for self drives and family safaris, built with tough engine for African Roads. It takes about four to six visitors and it comes with luxurious boot for your luggage. Some of these are customized to safaris with pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing, others with roof top tents. The rental price Prado ranges between US$50 to US$100 per day. There are also luxurious versions such as V8 and Vx rented at US$80 – US$200 per day, without driver.

3) Land Cruiser Hardtop (Extended)

The 4×4 Land cruiser Hardtop is best for visitors on guided safaris and camping in Uganda, though some times hired without driver (self drive tour). It takes up to eight (8) persons + a driver and it comes with a pop up roof and a mini-fridge. The extended version takes up to 8 persons + a driver.

2) Safari Minivan

For safaris in Uganda with a family or large group of friends, the safari minivan is the best choice for you. It takes about 14 (nine) visitors and has adequate room for visitors’ luggage and pop up. Some have pop-up roof for photographing and excellent game viewing. The rental price ranges between US$60 to US$120 per day.

4x4 Mini-van in East Africa

1) Coaster bus

For bigger number of travelers, the coaster bus is exceptionally the best option for you. Whether you plan to transport school students or staff members, families, conferences and business, the coaster bus is the most comfortable car for you. This type of car takes about 30 visitors, and some are 4wd.
There is also safari minibus for hire which takes from 26 to 46 visitors and it is equally affordable and comfortable.
In conclusion, when it comes to holiday in Uganda, there is no need to be worried about which car to use. There is a lot more in offer and you won’t fail to make the best choice for your vacation in Uganda. Come and enjoy self and guided safaris with distinct fleets of vehicles and you won’t regret in life.