The Ultimate Packing List for Wheelchair Travel

Safaris to Africa or any new destination aren’t only restricted to certain groups of travelers but also allows persons with disabilities to achieve their dreams. Never be limited by any sort of disability if you love safaris. The best way for you to get healed very fast is by undertaking a vacation to your dream destination. If you are a repeat visitor and you always use a wheelchair, you will need to have some prior knowledge on which items to include in your packing list this coming holiday. Your packing list may include things beyond just clothes and toiletries and we have provided a perfect guide below;

  • Mobility and medical equipment

Undertaking a trip with mobility gadgets come with its own challenges. The equipment differs depending on traveler’s interests and there is a reason why you need come with that specific equipment.

  • Shower chair or foot rest

Make sure that you book accommodation facility or any transportation means with support facilities for the disabled. For the lodges, they should have shower chair or bench in their accessible rooms. In case they don’t have, they should offer it for you.

  • Portable ramp

In case you get to areas with no wheelchair access like a relative’s home, you will need a portable ramp for this. They are relatively cheaper and you can move with them even in the cars. They give access to buildings with one to three steps and even five. If the steps are many, you will certainly need a longer ramp.

  • Medications

In case you are under medication, you will be required to come along with your additional doses to cover any shortages prior the end of your vacation. You can pack your medical gadget and supplies together in one suitcase and airlines aren’t required to charge for any transportation of mobility equipment meaning your bag will be free from this extra cost. In case you are flying and use a power wheelchair, make sure that the joystick is off and wrapped in bubble wrap and then take it like any carry on item. In case you are not in position to remove the controller then just leave it but make sure it is covered well.

  • Travel wheelchair battery charger

You will need portable chargers to help you while on vacation in a new destination. Never be bother carrying heavy battery charge and yet you can easily purchase a small and portable just in the same size like that of a laptop. Take note that travel chargers are of lower amperage and this means that they can’t charge mobility devices as faster as you may want it and they can also shorten the lifespan of the your battery. You will need to keep yours in the travel bag to be on safer side and leave the bigger charger back home.

In conclusion, if you are a person with any kind of disability, follow the above tips and your dreams will come true in any destination of your choice. If you have been limited by any factor, it is a high time you realized that long time dream in Africa.