Self Drive Uganda Safaris

Self Drive Uganda

Many times, people have looked at self drive safaris as though they are for people travelling on budget trying to save a few bucks that they would have spent paying for pro ride 4×4 drivers. This is not true; since anyone can opt for a self drive Uganda safari.

A self drive safari is a safari package where the tourist hires out a car from a car hire company to drive himself to the desired safari destination. During this kind of safari, the car hire companies often offer you professional advice without charging you extra for the service.

Self Drive Uganda Reviews

TripAdvisor has become the leading platform to find company reviews; this also applies to self Drive Uganda reviews. There are over 100 self drive car hire companies in Kampala and to choose one that has already proved worthwhile by providing quality services; you might have to look at what people are saying about it.

There are many reviews of people that have had terrible services, excellent and fair services. Hearing from them will help you learn what to ask for when you approach any self drive car hire company in Uganda.

Pro ride 4×4 (Professional 4×4 rides)

Self drive Uganda safaris will require you to at least get a 4×4 self drive car however small it might be. The main roads are in fair conditions to be driven on by any kind of car but when you get off the main road, you might need a full time 4×4 for your self drive.

There is a possibility of you getting stuck if you self drive with a two wheels car. This is very common on a rainy day since most of the remote roads are non-tarmac.

Self Drive Car Rental and Tours Kampala

Most of the self drive car hire companies are located either in Kampala or Entebbe. Though you can walk in and hire a car for self drive around Uganda or East Africa; it is often advisable to book in advance.

Some companies charge a booking fee of US$100 while others do not require you to pay any commitment fee. Companies that require deposit are usually those that have established themselves in the field of self drive in Uganda.

Companies that do not ask for reservation fees are often desperate individuals who are not even registered legally to deal in this business. However this does not mean that whoever does not ask for deposit is non-authentic; though this is usually the case. They often try to avoid any online payments.

Car rentals for tours around Kampala are often discounted; you can pitch for two to five dollars discount less any given price. The tricky beat is leaving the vicinity that has been demarcated only to get fined.


Uganda Self drive Itineraries

Experience is the best teacher, having been in the tours and travel industry of Uganda for almost ten years; we have a few itinerary ideas to share with you:

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10 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari

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14 Days Uganda Tour: Gorillas & Chimps Tracking, Wildlife Viewing

15 Day Uganda Tour: Gorilla Tracking, Chimps, Culture, Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Holiday Car Rental Services Kampala

“Holiday car rental service” is another term often used to refer to long term self drive car hire. This usually ranges from 21 days and above. Though most of the companies are located in Kampala, they can deliver the car for self drive in Entebbe at no extra cost.

Cars range from Land cruiser hard top, Land cruiser Extended, Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser TZ pop up roof, Land cruiser GX, Land cruiser V8, Toyota Van, 3 door Rav4, 5 door Rav4, Land cruiser with roof top tents.