Learn About our Pick up and Drop off Policy

Learn About our Pick up and Drop off Policy

There are several terminologies in the car hire business that anyone intending to hire a car whether for self-drive or with a driver; has to consider to avoid complaints that may arise out of unplanned extra charges.

  • Pick Up Policy

Pick up refers to the place where your journey often begins, or a place where you pick up the car from. In Uganda, it is often at the hotel, airport, Kampala, or car hire offices.

In most instances, visitors are unaware of the pick-up policies, and sometimes simply assume that the pick-up policy cuts across all the car hire companies in a given locality. This is never the policy, his pick-up practices vary from one company to another.

For instance, at 4x4uganda, there are no charges for any pickups in the vicinity of Kampala and Entebbe; yet an extra charge for the driver and fuel is often required in other localities such as Kabale, Murchison falls, and Jinja, among other locations.

In other locations such as Nairobi, Arusha, Kigali, and Dar es Salaam pick-up charges are dependent on the seasons and the type of car.

  • Drop Off Policy

Drop off refers to the final destination in your self-drive. This also depends on the arrangement you have with the car hire company; at times the final destination is at the car rental offices while in other instances you only have to agree about where to drop off the car.

The drop-off charges are often the same as the pickup charges as long as they are in the same location/ locality. However drop off charges may differ for instance if you are picking up the car in Entebbe and dropping it off in Nairobi or picking up the car in Nairobi and dropping it off in Arusha.

Below is the table for our East African Pick up and Drop off charges

City/Town Pick up only Drop off only Pick up and Drop off
Entebbe Free Free Free
Kampala Free Free Free
Kabale US$150-US$200 US$150-US$200 US$280-US$400
Kigali US$180-US$220 US$180-US$220 US$360-US$440
Nairobi US$200-US$280 US$200-US$280 US$400-US$550
Arusha US$400-US$480 US$400-US$480 US$750-US$850
Dar es salaam US$650-US$750 US$650-US$750 US$1000-US$1200
Moshi US$480-US$600 US$480-US$600 US$900-US$1200

*All charges are for Land Cruiser TX, Land Cruiser TZ, and 5 door Rav4

Please email us for other drop-offs and pick-up rates in other locations of East Africa and beyond East Africa