Long Term Rental Cars For Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda And Tanzania Safaris

Long Term Rental Cars For Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda And Tanzania Safaris

Uganda is becoming one of the most popular safari destinations partly because of the peace and stability in the country which has also made it a haven for refugees from all the surrounding countries. Besides the stability; Uganda retained the identity of being the pearl of Africa because of its flora and fauna with several landscapes typical to only Uganda.

Self drive car rental Uganda is one of the fields that have popularly contributed to self drive safaris not only in Uganda but also in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. In all these countries; their capital cities are the most popular rental pick up and drop off locations.

For instance Kampala car hire is the most popular rental location in Uganda compared to all other rental locations within Uganda. This also applies to Kigali car rental, Nairobi car hire, Arusha car rental, Moshi car hire among several 4×4 car hires in the different major towns and cities of East Africa.

In most cases, long term car rentals opt to rent a car in Uganda instead of Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania. This is partly as a result of the lower rates in Uganda which on top come with unlimited mileage which is not commonly the case in Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya car rentals

There are hundreds of car rental companies in Kampala Uganda offering cross border car hires to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. Democratic republic of Congo is often an exception due to the insecurity in that country. This usually calls for different terms and conditions; apart from those offered for Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Self drive Car rentals (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)

Self drive car rentals give the hirer an opportunity to drive the car by themselves or share it among the permitted drivers according to the terms and conditions of the car hire agreement the company gives you.

Car rental companies in Kampala Uganda often offer the Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser TZ, 4×4 Jeeps, 5 door Toyota Rav4, 3 door Toyota Rav4, and Vans for self drive.

4×4 self drives range between US$40 to US$125 per day depending on the type of car and the additional that come along with the car such as camping gear, navigation, roof top tents among several other additional stuff

Pickups and Drop offs

Pickups refer to the point from which your journey starts from. In some cases it is the airport, hotel, car rental offices, or any other agreed place. For this reason, companies charge for pick up fees in areas outside their usual official pick up depending on the company policies.

Drop offs are the final destination in your journey. They also follow the same policies just like the pickups; in instances where you are dropping off the car in the company’s official drop off point, there are often no extra charges.

However whenever you drop the car outside the company’s officials drop offs, you will be charged a drop off fee dependent on the area of drop off.

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Hire a car with a driver/Guide

The best guided safaris are those where you design the itinerary by yourself and simply have someone drive you to all your desired locations. Some car hire companies have their own professional driver guides who come along with cars that are not offered for self drive safaris.

These cars include: the land cruiser extended, the five seater land cruiser, 4×4 minibuses, and 4×4 coasters, among several other cars. Companies also hire out the following cars with a driver guide: Rav4s, Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser TZ, Land cruiser VX, Land cruiser V8, and Land cruiser GX

Long term rental cars potential rates

The minimum number of days you need to qualify for a long term car hire status is often 21 days and above. However some companies’ minimum range is between 21 days and 30 days.

Companies often give a US$5 per day discount in case you ask for it; in case you are unaware of the discounts, the common short term car rental rates will always prevail.