Latest Uganda Covid-19 Testing Entry Requirement

Uganda had revised its Covid-19 entry requirements which were scheduled to take effect on 3rd September; However; this has been postponed until two weeks from now as the ministry of health and the prime minister’s office deliberates upon the way forward.

It should be noted; that however much the incoming travelers’ PCR testing has been postponed for 2 weeks; travelers from India will still be subjected to mandatory testing upon arrival in Uganda on their bill regardless of their vaccination status. Other travelers from category 2 countries which include; Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya, and United Arab Emirates will also undergo a mandatory PCR test upon arrival.


Very important to note; All other travelers from category two countries apart from India will not be subject to mandatory testing upon arrival as long as they are fully vaccinated.  Whether you are found asymptomatic at the point of entry, you will be allowed to proceed without undergoing a PCR test upon arrival as long as you are fully vaccinated.

There was an outcry from the public after the ministry of health had announced that all travelers to Uganda with effect from 3rd September 2021 will be subject to mandatory testing at the point of entry into Uganda regardless of their vaccination status.

One of the main concerns of travelers was that they are not only vaccinated but also already need a negative PCR test certificate to travel to Uganda. Subjecting them to another PCR test regardless of where they are coming from and regardless of where they were coming from seemed unfair.

In two weeks’ time, the cabinet ministers will be sharing Uganda’s new position regarding the Covid-19 PCR test entry requirement. With high hopes; they are expected to only require PCR testing upon arrival based on your vaccination status and the country you are coming from.

The Covid-19 Situation in Uganda

The infection rate had massively dropped but recently there has been flouting of Covid-19 guidelines in the general public. Apart from the curfew restrictions, life is almost back to normal more so outside the city centers. All national parks and tourist attractions are open. It should also be noted that some lodges and tour companies closed; so in case you had spent some good time without getting in touch with your tour operator, it is high time you follow up.

Can I Visit All Districts in Uganda?

The answer is “yes” you can visit all districts in Uganda without hindrance. The suspension on cross-district travels was lifted. You can now visit all places in Uganda.

Can I still Self Drive in Uganda?

“yes” You can self drive in Uganda but you will have to put in mind the 7:00 pm curfew restrictions. Unless it is an airport transfer, you cannot move beyond 7:00 pm (19:00 hrs) or 5:30 am in the morning. However, you are likely to find cars on the road in the city centers beyond 7:00 pm but that the time curfew roadblocks start requiring you to have a special pass to move beyond 7:00 pm

Where may I do my covid-19 test more so when I am departing?

There are close to twenty accredited laboratories equipped and licensed to carry out PCR tests. Unfortunately, most of them are located in Kampala. But the good news is; you can do a PCR test in Entebbe at Lancet Laboratories, Test and fly Laboratories among several other Entebbe-based laboratories.

Do I get to choose where to test from in case I have to test on arrival?

The short answer is “no”. The ministry of health team will have to transfer you to their testing center in Entebbe where you will do your PCR test at your own bill. You can book a hotel in Entebbe to avoid waiting in the cold in case your flight is arriving very early in the morning. You can be allowed to wait in your hotel under self-isolation until you get the results.

However; this is only necessary in case you are not fully vaccinated yet you are coming from India. But if you are fully vaccinated, the test on arrival is not necessary until new guidelines are issued two weeks from now.