Top Land Cruiser Models for Rent in Uganda

Looking for the most comfortable safari Land cruisers in Uganda? With our exceptional fleet of safari vehicles, you have a wide range of options to choose the best Land cruiser for your tours in Uganda. They are the most comfortable and best for the remotest routes where the protected areas are located in Uganda. If you are looking for the most exceptional and luxurious safari cars in Uganda, then you have got it now! The Toyota Land Cruiser is such exceptional safari vehicle that you should consider for your safari in Uganda. Land Cruisers come in different models ranging from models 1957 to 2017.

If you wish to hire one of these models, then contact us and you will be helped as soon as possible. It comes with the exceptional design and camping as well as adequate leg room and the boot for your luggage. Its chairs can be folded to offer enough room where need be and that is why they are described as the exceptional cars to rent while on safari in Uganda.

Below is a list of Land Cruiser models for your safaris in Uganda

Land Cruiser Prado TX-L model 2014

If you are looking for the latest Land Cruiser to drive for your safari, then this is the best model that you should consider. It comes with spectacular external views and best interior. It has 10 airbags with one at the driver’s, front passenger, side air bags for driver and front passenger, second row airbags, driver and front passenger knee airbag and many more. The 2016 Land Cruiser model comes with the amazing loyalty. It is comes with 8 (eight) seats and it is pocket friendly as well.

Land Cruiser Model 2010

Land Cruiser Prado TX-L model 2004 to 2006

The Land Cruiser Prado TX-L with is one of the best Land Cruisers that are worth hiring for safari in Uganda. It comes with eight seats and air conditioning and sun roof. The 2004 model has a command of rural routes with wide mileages as well as best fuel consumption rate. Whether you are traveling with a family, couple or self drives, it offers the best comfort with affordable prices.

Land Cruiser v8 2007 to 2010

This comes with new technical structures. It has the best entry and 4 zone climate control, 10 airbags, kinetic dynamic suspension system. This model comes in auto and manual transmission with a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour with fulltime four by four. They are price friendly.

Land Cruiser V8 2003 TO 2006

This model still stands among the best spacious safari vehicles and it is the best horse power on road. It accommodates eight people and it is good when it comes to fuel consumption. This model comes with a new face from the 1998 models and best air condition for both front and rear with separate control. It also features the FM radio, leather seaters, front fog driving light and many more.

Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser Prado SX 3.0 turbo

The SX 3.0 turbo is the best 4 x 4 Land Cruiser. It takes about 5 people and it comes in automatic and manual transmission. It is always good to rent it for safaris to national parks due to its sun roof that offers spectacular views. It is a 4WD car with diesel four cylinder turbo. Some have pop-up roof for excellent game viewing for photographing.

In conclusion therefor, there are very many Land Cruiser vehicles in Uganda to be hired for a safari. With variety of these exceptional models, you have a wide range of options for you to make the best choice for your trip. Simply contact us and we shall help you book one for your safari holiday in Uganda’s spectacular protected areas.