Kampala Traffic Hacks

Hacks For safe Traffic in Kampala

Kampala traffic is a menace every driver wishes to avoid but when it is inevitable for you to pass through Kampala, then you have to consider the best options for you to have a smooth voyage through Kampala. This requires you to identify the best time to drive through the city of Kampala, the best days to drive through the city of Kampala and many other Kampala city traffic hacks

Thick traffic, driving off the road, and unrestricted motorcycles are some of the things that make Kampala traffic unpleasant but at times you wish to experience the nightlife of Kampala, enjoy a good meal at one of the best restaurants in Kampala, visit some of the historical sites and other tourism centers in Kampala or spend a night in Kampala.

In a midst of all this, these are some of the thoughts to put in perspective in case you are to spend a night at a hotel in Kampala or simply shop for the rest of your trip in Uganda. Game and Shoprite are usually the go-to places for anyone planning to do shopping before proceeding to the different tourist destinations in Uganda.

Tourists and other foreigners not only prefer places where they have a variety of choices rather a place where they can also shop using their VISA or Mastercards. This saves them the hustle of having to exchange their money for local currency.

With the above few insights, below are some of the traffic hacks to consider when driving through Kampala:

Best time to drive through the City

Ugandans work eight hours a day; this is usually from 8:00am to 5:00pm however there is an allowance of one hour making it 9:00am to 6:00pm. This implies that most of the people travel between 7:00am to 9:00am in the morning.

The traffic in Kampala is therefore too thick from 7:00am to around 10:30am; therefore to avoid the too much traffic, we would advise you to drive through Kampala at least between 10:30am and 3:30pm (Office time).

You might not drive 50km/hr in Kampala during the office time but you can be assured of not getting stuck in traffic for an hour. However there are exceptions of days on which this advice can really be applied.

Best Days to Drive through the City

Like earlier stated, Ugandans usually work from 8:00-5:00pm but there is a culture of traveling outside Kampala on weekends. People usually move to their countryside homes on weekends making Friday one of the busiest days in Uganda which also affects the traffic.

Therefore in case you are planning to drive through Kampala, Friday would be the worst choice you can ever make more so with a few rain showers.

Monday is also a busy day in terms of traffic, this is because; it is usually the day people come back from their country-side homes back to Kampala. This has also affected Sunday evenings since some people come back to Kampala on Sundays.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; before evening would be the best days to drive through Kampala but keeping in mind the time.

Commendable Fuel Stations

There are several gas stations all around the country but only a few allow VISA card transactions. These include but are not limited to Shell fuel stations,  Total gas stations, and City oil fuel stations (usually have Café Javas stopover). Operators often recommend these three gas stations even though their fuel prices are often slightly higher compared to other fuel stations around the country.

Regardless of the type of car, a full tank can take you between 450km and 550km depending on the state of the road you are using and the speed.