Kampala Car hire Safety Tips

Car Hire Safety Tips

There are several things to put in consideration when driving in a city like Kampala, among these lie some important gems to keep safe when driving in other towns and cities of Uganda.

Secure Parking

Kampala city center is often marred with theft of side mirrors and indicator bulbs more so in the evenings. It is for this reason that it is advisable to watch out on where you park in the evening or else your car will be striped of mirrors and rims.

Many people who drive within the city center have fallen victim to this kind of theft more so during traffic jam, and whenever they park in unsecure parking slots.

Car Locks

Before you step away from your car, make sure all the doors of your car are locked. Though cars often have central locks, you are likely to fall victim of theft.

In most instances after dark, in case you are travelling in pairs or more than two people; it is advisable that one of you stays in the car just for safety purposes while others go shopping.

You should only abandon the car in places where you sure of safety in the parking lot or else you might come back only to find your car open. It is for this reason why there is often a notice in the parking lot warning you not to leave your valuables in the car

Secondly always keep your doors locked while in traffic jam to avoid thieves opening your doors to picking whatever they can.

Indicators and head lights

Most of the car hire agreements are entered into during the day; this at times denies you the opportunity to check mostly for the head lights only to try them out at night and they are not working.

Therefore before starting out on your journey, check the head lights, brake lights and indicator lights even though it is still day.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is one of main things to look out for when hiring a car for self drive. To check the alignment, you only have to release the steering wheel for a few seconds to see whether the car continues in the same direction.

In most cases people only notice issues when they hit the humps or when they try to drive at 80km/hr

Keep your distance

Driving off the main road is common in Kampala which might intrigue to drive too close to the car upfront however to avoid bumping into the car upfront; at least consider half a meter in between the cars

In case you are driving behind a 14 seater taxi, they are fond of stopping abruptly so keeping a distance will save you the trouble of bumping into them.

First Aid Kit

Bruises are commonly unavoidable during long hike or treks; it is for this reason why you need a first aid kit to dress some of what seems to be minor bruises

Road Signs

Keep track of the road traffic signs to avoid bumping into humps as well as well as over speeding in case of steep slopes.

Keep the First Lane

Most of the roads in Uganda are one two lane however in instances where you have four lanes; it is advisable to keep in the first lane not the fast lane which is commonly used for overtaking.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed on Uganda’s highways is 80km/hr while 50km/hr in most of the towns. However some busy places have a speed limit of as low as 20km/hr though this is commonly in residential areas off the main roads.