Food Storage During Camping in Uganda

5 Important Things To Consider for Food Storage During Camping

When planning to go for a self drive camping vacation in Uganda, ensure to bring a food storage apparatus, it could be a fridge or a cooler box. Among the camping gear offered by rental operators is either a small electric fridge powered by a car battery or a cooler box filled with ice. Having any of the two is a good beginning to storing your food properly so that it doesn’t go bad, particularly when you are engaging in an outdoor adventure.

Below are some of the tips to keep your food fresh and last longer during a camping expedition in Uganda

  • Maintain your box cooler colder for longer

Most times when camping in Uganda, the cooler box acts as the fridge and it is vital to keep it cold as long as possible. You must pack enough ice in the box before you store your drinks and food. If possible, ensure to get two cooler boxes to separate the food from the drinks. Normally, you will be opening the box with drinks from time to time thus the ice melting so fast yet the food needs to be kept cool all the time.

There is an option of hiring a fridge which usually goes for $3-5$ per day. The fridge even works better because it can easily be kept cool for a long time.Cooking for a Camping Trip

  • Plan for more ice

If you are camping for a long period, your cooler box will be short of ice after a while. Therefore, identify the various spots to buy ice on your road trip. These could be supermarkets in the small towns nearby the national parks.  If you cannot access ice easily, ensure to plan your meals and eat the perishable foods first

  • Store your food under the shade

Uganda is such a hot country and its jungles are even hotter. The ice in the cooler can easily melt if exposed to direct sun. Make sure that you place the box under shade to keep the ice intact. Remember without the ice, your food and beverage can never be fresh.

  • Go traditional

The oldest tricks of keeping food for a longer time are smoking, sun drying, and salting and these are possible on your camping expedition. Foods such as meat and fish can be smoked, dried, or salted to last long.

Food Storage Camping

  • Don’t forget your dry goods

Dry foods such as snacks, spices, cereals, and many more should not be forgotten to be kept properly. Isolate a plastic container for them and store them in a place where they cannot be messed up by other things.

  • Keep your food out of reach of Wildlife

Food is one thing that attracts animals, bugs, and other foreign objects to the campsite. Ensure to store all your food, leftovers included, closed away in the bins or cooler always. You should also clean the place after cooking and eating to leave no residue which can attract wildlife to invade your territory.

Do not eat inside your tent and make sure you properly dispose of trash at the end of each day.

Food storage is one of the necessities one has to look at while camping. When food goes bad, it can easily ruin your mood hence having a nightmare of a trip.