Car Rental Last Minute Deals

Car Hire Last Minute Deals

Getting a car for self drive is the easiest way to save on your Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda safari. However at times we take too long to make up our minds whenever it comes to making choices, and when we do; it might seem a little beat late.

In such a moment, you are aware of what you want but the biggest challenge is meeting your desired need at the eleventh hour. To avoid the extra costs that come with last minute deals, a few tips will save you time

Last Minute deals can be sub divided into two categories:

  • Long term car hire
  • Short term car hires:

Short term car hires are any car hires less than 10 days while long term car hires range between 10 days to 20 days and above. In some companies, 15 days are not considered a long time car hire period; however it still gets you a reasonable discount in case you pitch for it.

Five Things For A Quick Car Rental

  • Inquire with your total budget

Instead of inquiring for the range of the cars available in the next few days, inquire which car they have that fit the quoted budget.

This will give you a prompt reply that will only require you to weigh on who is giving you a better offer.

  • Email as many companies as you can

Common in Car hire companies, they are likely to find out when you do this because several companies have more than one domain for car hire services. In this case, you are likely to email the same company though under different names.

Whatever the case, you will get several replies quoting for you which specific car they can offer you.

  • Avoid pickups outside Entebbe or Kampala

Pickups outside Entebbe and Kampala are often more costly for the tour companies to deliver the car to you at no extra cost, in most cases when companies weigh among these options outside Kampala and Entebbe. They usually decline.

Therefore to invoke a quick booking; your pick location should be in the vicinity of Kampala or Entebbe. However this only applies when you are on budget. In case you have some extra dollars on you, US$100 or slightly more might be required for dropping the car at your desired pick up location in Uganda

  • Identify the Number of Passengers

Identifying the number of passengers will help the tour company operator identify the particular car that fits a particular number of people for a comfortable experience.

For instance; a Land cruiser seven seater or a Van is often recommended for five people or more. This gives every passenger an opportunity to have a window seat. While two people would still be recommended a land cruiser TX/TZ in case you are to visit rough places like Kidepo valley national park.

  • Travel in the Low season

Though most of the people travel during summer and winter; that is June, July, August, December, January; travelling in late February, march, April and May will give you the best offers on car hire.

During the low season months, it is easier to secure last minute car hire deals than in the peek months while paying even less the usual product rate.

When you put the above things in consideration,  securing a car for self drive will be just a click away.