Car Rental in Uganda

Pick up at the office or At the Airport?

Hiring a car for self-drive in Uganda is no longer a hustle. It is just a click away. All you have to do is a Google search; compare the rates and make your reservation for the car of your choice. There are a number of things that come into play when choosing a car for self-drive in Uganda.

In case you need some tips on how to hire a car for self-drive in Uganda; check out our article here.

Whenever you hire a car for self-drive, you are presented with a number of pickup and drop-off options. Some of these options do not require you to pay any extra fee while others might attract an extra charge. For that reason; it is very important that you confirm with the car rental company whether there is no extra charge required for picking up or dropping off in a particular location.

Pick-up Rental Car At the Airport

There mainly two types of airport pickups; those in Uganda and those outside Uganda. When picking up in Uganda, most of Uganda’s car rental agencies do not ask for any extra fee. Picking up at airports outside Uganda has varying fees. Here is an idea of how much car rental agencies charge for pick up and drop-offs at airports outside Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport pickup

When you pick up at the airport, there is no need to drive to the office premises of the car rental agency. You will do all the paperwork and the payments (often online payments) unless on the special arrangement; you can pay cash.

The car rental agency usually sends their driver who will wait for you at the waiting area in the airport. After getting in touch with him or her; they will take you straight to the parking lot where you will examine the car before signing the car rental contract.

After inspecting the car, you will sign the car rental contract which car rental agencies often share prior to confirming your reservation. The driver will then take you through a few driving tips you need to consider when driving in Uganda and hand over the car keys to you,

The airport parking ticket is cleared by you. Therefore after the car key is passed over to you, you will have to drive straight to the auto teller machine to clear the parking fees. After paying the parking fees, you will be ready to start your self-drive by exiting Entebbe international airport.

Pick Airports Outside Uganda

Airport pickups outside Uganda follow the same procedure as Entebbe international airport. The only difference is; you will be charged between US$150 and US$650 depending on which airport you are planning to pick up from and the type of car. Check out the car rental pickup and drop off rates here

Pick Up At Office

It is very rare to pick up a car at the car rental agency offices unless you are a resident. But the option is often getting an airport taxi to the offices of the car rental agency. Though car rental agencies offer free airport transfers; instead of offering you an airport transfer, they simply transfer the car to you so that you may start your self-drive trip at the airport.

Outside Uganda, you can pick up at Kenyatta international airport in Kenya, Kilimanjaro international airport in Tanzania, Kigali international airport in Rwanda, and several other airports around East Africa. Whether you are considering a self-drive in Kenya or a self-drive in Tanzania; you can still pick up and drop off at the airport.